How I made $276 Blogging in March 2019 – Blog Income Report

Here we go with my second ever blog income report and a little recap of what happened blogging-wise in March 2019.

So, if you’re curious to know how I made $276 blogging in March 2019, keep reading this blog income report.

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. Please read my disclosure policy for more info.

How I made $276 Blogging in March 2019 – Blog Income Report

How to make money blogging I made $276 Blogging in March 2019

Again, as for the previous month, it hasn’t been easy. I really went through rough times, both blogging-wise and personally.

First of all, during the middle of the month, I got really poorly and for health reason, I couldn’t blog or promote the blog as usual. But I used that time to think about the future of the blog and where I want to take it 🙂

What worked

A lot of things happened during this creazy month, but one that has been really beneficial was finally taking a Pinterest course.

I decided to go with Ell Duclos’ Pinterest course and it really exploded my Pinterest traffic. Now is my #1 source of traffic, and is something I’m really happy about.

If you want to know more about the course and why Pinterest should be your #1 source of traffic too, click here to read my complete review of the course.

What didn’t work

Despite is growing, I’ve been let down a lot by Twitter. For the health reasons mentioned above, I couldn’t promote my blog as usual.

I couldn’t be very active on Twitter and this turned in NO TRAFFIC at all from the platform! Meaning that Twitter is good only if you promote every single day. But if you’re looking for “passive” traffic, meaning that you still get clicks from old posts, Twitter IS NOT the right place.

Income Reports

So despite up and downs, I’ve been able to generate a good amount of money with my blog this month too.

Total: $276.09

Bluehost + other affiliate programs:: $104
: $0.09
Sponsored posts: $118
Freelance work: $54

I’ll now going to explain to you in-depth how I’ve done it and how you can make it too.

Start a blog for cheap

If the idea of making money with a blog appeals you, you can start a money-making blog for cheap today with the same company I use here or with the banner below.

Whether you want to sell your own products, making money with affiliate sales and ads, you need your own blog.

And if you have a blog on a free platform, your blog needs to be self-hosted in order to start applying for affiliate programs and ad networks.

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> How to go self-hosted + Benefits

Join affiliate programs

Affiliate programs make a big slice of my blog income. And are a great way to make money when you are new to blogging because you don’t have to create anything to sell.

To start making money with your blog, you can apply to affiliate programs of brands that are related to what you blog about.

As you can see, I’m part of Bluehost (the same company I have my blog with) and other blogging related programs.

So, joining Bluehost to start your own blog is definitely a win-win. You get a great price and you can make money by recommending it to other people.

On top of that, I really want to thank those who support me through my affiliate link! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your contribution help me to run this blog at its best and make sure I can provide you with only the best information.

Join Ad Networks

When you join ad networks, you start making money by displaying ads in your blog. Some networks pay by views and some by clicks.

It’s easy, as you just have to place a code into your blog to display the ad, but it takes some time to start making some good money.

I’m part of and they are the best when it comes of new bloggers. They accept everyone in their program and, if you use my , you’ll earn 10% more on your first 3 months.

This month my ad revenue isn’t great because I decided to change strategy and replace it with other sorts of ads. Now I’m waiting to see how it will perform 🙂

Find Sponsored posts

I’ve been lucky enough to find a network that gives me regular sponsored posts.

It’s a hell of a job finding and matching with brands that want to work with you but it definitely worth giving a try if you want to diversify your income.

Sponsored posts are the biggest slice of my blog income. Meaning that I can benefit of a more steady income to re-invest it in courses and other different material to provide great stuff and information for my readers 🙂

Freelance work

A blog can also be a great way to promote your freelance work and earn money. For example, I do web design works, WordPress and SEO.

At the beginning of the month, Traci from contacted me to help her setting up her new WordPress blog.

She decided to go for 2 coaching calls, which consisted of two 60-minute video calls where she shared her computer screen with me and I’ve shown her some personalised tips and tricks about WordPress.

If you need help with WordPress and SEO, feel free to book a lesson with me! You can find the different packages here.

Plans for April 2019

As much as I love writing about WordPress, I also would like to start covering new topics on my blog.

Since I started blogging, I also developed new interests. For example, I’d like to start writing about making money online and “boss-girl lifestyle”.

I’m also happy to announce that I started two new side hustles. It’s still at the very early stages but I’m sure they’ll have potential if I put effort in them.

First side hustle is retail/online arbitrage. Basically, you buy something at a cheap price and resell it to make a profit.

The second one, I’ve started to teach Italian lessons online and locally. This side hustle, in particular, is giving me a lot of joy as I’m finding more and more people want to learn the Italian language.

I’m still working to launch the website, but I’ve registered on a couple of websites and doing a lot of word-of-mouth.

If you are interested in learning Italian and want to book a lesson, you can do so in here (US) or here (UK).

Goals for April 2019

I really want to bring my YouTube channel back to life and upload new videos. Youtube works just like Google and Pinterest, is kind of a search engine, so I think it would be a good source of “passive” traffic.

I will keep going with my new Pinterest strategy and want to double the daily visits from Pinterest.

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I’m going to definitely “abandon” Twitter as it doesn’t worth putting the effort in it. Now with the new side hustles, I’ve got much less time and need to focus more on what is working for me.

I won’t leave it completely, let’s just say I won’t focus my strategy on the platform so much as before.

After ranking on Google first page with some of the blog posts, I also want to start working on an SEO course. But I will need time to create it and, especially, time to create a good launching strategy – which I am completely bad at it.

Do you want to start a money-making blog too? Start your WordPress blog with Bluehost and use my affiliate link to ge a FREE domain name, FREE SSL certificate and 50% off from regular price!

Isa Lillo


2 thoughts on “How I made $276 Blogging in March 2019 – Blog Income Report

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to leave a comment. I’ve read a million of these and after a year of looking at everyone’s income report they start to look similar. I found yours to be very helpful. I also have read a lot of Ell Duclos’ work and she’s been monumental in my growth as a blogger. But, one thing I learned that I didn’t know despite all of the articles like this that I’ve read, was the Bluehost had an affiliate program. I don’t know how I could have missed that, but, I sure did. I also use them as my hosting service so it makes all the sense in the world to work with them.
    Well again thank you for sharing pieces of your success story.

    1. Thank you, Nicole. Yes they have an affiliate program which is quite generous and I earn commission every month!

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