How To Start A Brand New Blog

Here’s the situation…. after scrolling pin after pin on Pinterest, reading about turning your passion into a business, make money blogging or just because you like writing, you arrived at the point where you want to start your own brand new blog.

That’s amazing! Blogging is great, not just because can be transformed into a business, but also because it’s a way to express yourself through words and reach a wide online audience which would be difficult by just word-of-mouth.

Starting a blog it’s always a big scary, or at least it has for me. You’re not sure what to do, what to talk about, what to write, choose the right layout and I could continue listing other things.[/half]
[half]how to guide to create a brand new blog[/half]

But my best advice is just to start!! Don’t think too much about “how am I going to do that?” You’ll figure it out. Blogging is just like another task in life, that you start having no clue about it and then, after a while, you are able to manage it and smash it.

Think about your first job. Did you start that you were already good at it? If yes, well, well done you and lucky you! If not, like most of the people including me, I was completely scared of doing mistakes and let somebody down. But after one week, two weeks, one month I got familiar with the tasks and I was confident.

So, same thing with blogging. Start and see how it develops. Experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.

But before starting “getting your things done”, it’s good to have solid foundations so you can start a brand new blog without worrying too much. So I’m going to share with you some easy steps, which I followed myself, to get start with your new blog and smash it!

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How to start a brand new blog

Choosing a topic

Here’s the most difficult one. I think that choosing a topic to talk about in your blog is the first tricky step because you might want to talk about everything, as you have different interests. I found myself in the same situation: I have various interests, which I am also knowledgeable, and wanted to talk about all of them at once. Unfortunately it’s not possible, especially if they are very different from each other. My advice, when starting, it to choose a niche and then narrow it down as soon as you understand what your audience want to read about.

Some of the most popular blog niche which you can start with:

  • Health and fitness – everything from workouts, diet plans, healthy eating, supplements.
  • Lifestyle – it includes travel, home decor, organisation and everything that concerns personal interests and daily activities.
  • Parenting – everything from stay at home moms, working moms, tips & tricks, children recipes.

If you have two topics very different from each other, I would definitely create two separate blog for a simple reason: it’s likely that interest A’s audience is very different from interest B’s one and those audience, mixed together on the same blog, couldn’t really understand what your blog is about.

Give it a name

Once you have figure out what you want to talk about in your new blog, you must name it.

It good to choose something that reminds your topic/niche, this will help you a lot with SEO, and that you are happy and will stick with it because, once you’ve chosen your domain name, you cannot change it.

What is a domain name?

Is the URL address of your blog, that string of letters, numbers and symbols which your blog will be recognised by in the multitude of other web addresses in the world-wide web.

You now have to register your domain name to make sure you’ve got the URL address and no one can have it, as it’s unique. My advice is to keep your domain name with the same web hosting provider, so it will make things easier and you’ll be able to manage everything from just one platform. I use Siteground and I love it. Their 24/7 customer service is great, they reply in a matter of hours and are always helpful. If you want to know more I’ve also written a review here.

Choosing web hosting

After you’ve found a name and you are ready to register your domain name it’s time to choose your web hosting.

What is web hosting?

[row-start][half]Web Hosting[/half][half]Basically, it’s the space where your blog will be stored in the world wide web, where you will be able to upload blog posts, images and all the things you need to make the front-end of your blog.

There are a lot of providers around, but it’s important that you choose someone reliable to ensure high standard of performances like page loading speed, protection from hacking, storage, etc. [/half]
[row-end]My choice, as for the domain name, has been on Siteground also for the web hosting. They offer plans from just £2.75/month and I would never be happy with the quality of the service. I went for the GrowBig plan which gives me 20GB of storage, up to 25,000 monthly visits and the possibility of creating unlimited websites which I can manage from my account. So basically I can create as many blog as I want without paying a penny more for hosting, isn’t this great?
They also offer free website migration, for example if you have your website hosted somewhere else and want to migrate it with them.
If you want to find out more about Siteground and my review on their services, I’ve written a post about it here.

Install WordPress

WordPress is the canvas of your blog. It’s what gives an identity, a voice to your blog and where you can actually write and publish your blog post.

The installation process should be automatic after you’ve purchased your hosting plan, you just need to follow the instruction on your screen. If it doesn’t work, or something goes wrong during the auto-installation (like it happened to me – always so lucky!) you can install it manually.

Go into your account dashboard and find the “go to cPanel” button.

how to start a blog

Click it and it will take to your cPanel dashboard. Scroll down to ”auto-installer” and click on the WordPress icon.

how to start a blog

It will open a the page where you can install a new WordPress site to your domain name. Click on “install” and follow the instruction/required fields and Install WP.

how to start a blog

Choosing a theme and start playing with your blog

Now that your WordPress blog is ready, you can start to give it life.

First of all you will need a theme for your blog. A theme is the layout, how it appears to your audience. This choice depends on you, your message and your audience. There are many different theme to choose from. You can go for a free theme, especially at the beginning, or you can decide to pay for one. It really depends what you want to do with your theme.

Personally I like minimalist theme because they are clean and easy to navigate. Don’t forget this last thing, your audience must find easy to navigate in your blog, you want to retain them not make them run away!

I have a list of my favourite WordPress theme for beginners here!