How I made $241 Blogging in February 2019 – Blog Income Report

Finally, I’m so thrilled to write this post because I’ve made some money with my blog last month!

It hasn’t been easy, but hey.. we all have to start from somewhere….

So, if you’re curious to know how I made $241 blogging in February 2019, keep reading this blog income report.

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How I made $241 Blogging in February 2019

how make money blogging

For those of you that don’t know yet, I started my blog in summer 2018 as something to support my freelance web design business.

In the beginning, I didn’t take it seriously because I was very focused to grow my business offline. But, when my business started to grow, I realised I wanted to move my business online.

I won’t dig too much in that, maybe I’ll do it in a different post 🙂

Fast-forward to the beginning of 2019 when I started to blog seriously. The reason why I started to blog is that I wanted to support my freelancing business as well as make passive income.

I hope this post will be inspirational and informative for who’s in the same position as me.

Income Report

Drumroll please… let’s see what happened in February 2019!

Bluehost: $75
Ads: $3.53 ?
Sponsored posts: $143
Freelance work: $19.50

Total: $241.03

I haven’t included any income from offline freelance work, as I found those clients in a different way and not through my blog/website. So the freelance work you see in this report is purely from online clients.


Bluehost is a web hosting company who offers plans from as little as $3.95 a month. Once you’re with them you can sign-up with their affiliate program and start earning.

As a web designer, I can recommend it to clients who need a new website or want to switch to a better provider.

A dear friend of mine needed help setting up her new blog, so I helped her with the design and recommend Bluehost. Easy-peasy!

If you want to start a blog and make money online just like I did, sign up with BlueHost using my affiliate link here to get a FREE domain.


Okay… I’m a bit let down from this! I hope I was doing a bit better ? But as a new blogger is different to find good ad network that accept you.

I use after switching from a terrible one that just paid me $0.17 in a month and half of displaying their ads. (Yeah, 17 cents, ridiculous!)

As you can see it doesn’t make you rich, but I admit that I haven’t got such big traffic to make big numbers either.

Plus, as a new blogger it can be difficult to enter more popular ad network. For example, I haven’t been accepted into Google Adsense.

So, for now is a good compromise and I’m happy with that. I’m sure that when my traffic will grow, also the income from that will.

If you’re a new blogger and want to start placing ads on your blog, you can use my affiliate link to get 10% more on all the revenue you generate in the first 3 months.

Sponsored posts

This is definitely the biggest slice of the income. I’m pretty surprised from the results and very happy.

This will help me to invest in courses to grow my blog and make more money – hopefully.

Freelance Work

The aim of starting a blog was also to support my freelance web design work. In February I started to offer a couple of new services, including personalised website audits and WordPress coaching sessions.

I’ve realised I prefer to help people to understand how to use WordPress and to advise them on how to make their website/blog looks better rather than being the one making the changes.

In February 2019 I’ve sold 1 personalised website audit. What I do in a personalised website audit is analysing the entire website/blog and create a tailored list of suggestion on how to improve the design (according to the client requests), SEO and speed.

My client, a teacher and writer from Maryland, with his personalised website audit, completely transformed his website from “bland” and anonymous to something that really gives the feeling of his brand and work. You can visit it here. I will soon include it into my portfolio, too.

If you’re interested too, click here to book your personalised website audit.


As my blog is still small, I haven’t lot of expenses at the moment.

The “main” and recurrent one is, of course, the web hosting. But luckily with BlueHost is just $3.95, so as you can see, I paid it off pretty easily.

This month I decided to change the theme and make a new hompage, as I noticed on Google Analytics that a lot of people where visiting the homepage and leaving – best decision I’ve ever made.

If you are curious, the WP theme that I’ve chosen is this one, of course from my favourite ThemeForest marketplace, and cost $61 in total.

Which is not bad at all, considering that it will last for at least a year or two. I really love the new theme and it has many customisations, so even if I get bored I still mix it up.

Goals for March 2019

The goals for March 2019 is, of course, to make better than the previous month.

I’d like to aim to make at least two Bluehost sales and two personalised website audit sales or WordPress coaching sessions. I think these are more close to what I do as a web designer and really makes me proud of my job.

I’m not particularly concerned about the ads income. Of course, I’d like to earn more from that but I understand that until I’ll have loads of traffic this won’t be possible.

I’d like to invest in a couple of courses, too. I’m looking into a good Pinterest one to teach me the strategy and increase traffic from it. I’m quite disappointed for how is performing at the moment so want to improve it.

UPDATE: I invested into a Pinterest course and… I wish I did it before! I finally learnt how to use Pinterest PROPERLY and drive A LOT of traffic to my blog. Heres the course, if you’re interested. Soon I’ll make a full blog post about it.

After one of my posts ranked on Google’s first page, I’m thinking to create a course or e-book about SEO. I’d like to share my SEO secrets, the techniques and strategies that bought me there with other bloggers. I’d love to know what you think… leave a comment below to share your thoughts 🙂

Do you want to start a blog and make money online too? Read my beginner guide on how you can start a WordPress blog here.

Isa Lillo


31 thoughts on “How I made $241 Blogging in February 2019 – Blog Income Report

    1. Well, it depends on your goals and what you want to offer to your readers 🙂 But I believe every blog can be monetised in a way or another.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m just starting out with making money and I love seeing these because they feel much more doable than the crazy posts that make $5000 a month or more!


    1. Thanks, Sarah, I really appreciate your comment 🙂
      Yeah, I absolutely agree. Let’s be honest, it takes time to get a $5k a month so I wanted to document my experience that even as a new blogger you can start making some little money.

  2. HI! An e-book sounds fab! Thanks for breaking everything down in your post. I had no idea how the income part worked, at all!

  3. Good to see there are people making money. I don’t believe all the posts where they say they earn $10K or $20K a month. Maybe with some of the big bloggers but not everybody. It becomes misleading and not genuine. Thanks for being honest.

    1. Thank you, Susan, I really appreciate your comment 🙂 The thing is, in my opinion, you might also be able to make $20 a month with a blog but after YEARS of blogging. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misleading bloggers saying that you can make money fast and easily from when you start a blog but is not really like this.

  4. Hi! Congrats on your success! I was just wondering how you found sponsors. I am signed up with Awin, but they usually want you to have thousands of followers.


    1. I know, finding sponsored posts can be frustrating. Don’t limit yourself to just one network, sign-up to as much as you can, reach out to brands and make sure you’ve got good follower engagement 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your February numbers! I appreciate the way you broke this all down. It was easy to understand. Do recommend a way to apply for sponsored posts?
    Best of luck on even better numbers for March! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Holly 🙂
      For applying to sponsored posts you really have to research them and find what works best with your blog. You can also reach out to brands if you’ve got the numbers.
      Thank you 🙂

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