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isa Lillo web designer canterbury

Hi there and welcome to the blog!
My name is Isa and I’m an online entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom.

Since I was a child, I’ve always dreamed of being my own boss. So, at the age of 23 years old, I moved in another country and a year later I started my first own business as Freelance Web Designer.

Despite I was loving it, I had a feeling that it wasn’t what I really wanted. I was still feeling the strains of someone “controlling me and my work”. In my mind I was still feeling like an employee but with the downsides of being self-employed.


I researched, studied and invested in courses and that’s how, at the beginning of 2019, I came across blogging, passive income and selling online course. I didn’t wait for long and I started my first blog – the one you are reading! – and started to make some passive income too. It was great! I was able to make some extra money while I was literally sleeping. But inside of me, I wasn’t quite there… where I wanted to be. 

I was enjoying it but the effort and time I was putting in the blog didn’t reflect the money I was earning. At the end of the month we all have to pay bills so I needed enough money to cover a part-time job.

I researched and studied, AGAIN, and that’s where I came across online reselling. There’s a big universe about online reselling and I knew I had to start small, cause the money I could invest where small. 

So in April 2019, I started my first EBAY RESELLING BUSINESS and I just wish I started before! I was finally fully happy of what I was doing, feeling no strains, I was working WHEN I wanted and happily fitting my working commitments with life commitments. 

This blog is about sharing experiences and advice, show that everybody can start an eBay reselling business, make money online and being an online entrepreneur.

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