How To Ensure Content Is Driving Your Startup Forward

One of the challenges of the modern day is how companies divide up responsibilities when it comes to a content management strategy.

But a great thing about building a startup from the ground is that you can make these decisions early on.

Instead of focussing your team’s energy on who should be in charge of content, you should instead come together to discuss how it will be used.

And that is what I’m going to focus on here, how to use your content to improve your business.

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, you will quickly find that content is king.

While this sounds like one of those sayings you might hear at a talk by a self-professed marketing expert, it holds true in the modern day.

The reason for that is mostly because the internet is full of things that people can engage with and the only way you are going to get eyes on your product or services is by making your content the one the user wants.

However, the issue can often arise that companies aren’t sure who should be in charge of their content. As described in here is a need for collaboration between the various teams involved in content management strategies.


When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), you will find that most people concentrate on just getting their website up to speed with things like keywords.

However, the future is coming at us fast when it comes to SEO with the likes of Google updating their algorithms regularly.

The search engine’s plan is to make sure users are getting the best results for their searches and that is why content is playing a significant role in the future of SEO.

Simply put, the better your content, the longer users will engage with your website and the better your SEO ranking will be.

Read here how you can easily step-up your SEO game and drive users to your website.

Social Media

In much the same way that SEO is reliant on utilizing content, so too is social media. The world of networking online has evolved and changed at such a rapid pace in the last decade that most companies have struggled to stay up-to-date.

However, one thing that has taken hold is the role of video content on social media feeds. Tweets and other posts have a much higher engagement rate when there is a video to watch and that is something that all companies should be considering.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should flood your page with video content, but it does mean using carefully placed videos in your social media posts will be incredibly useful.

How To Improve Content?

So by now, you understand why you need to improve content as part of your marketing strategy, but you will be wondering how?

Well, the problem is that is the million dollar question that everyone is looking to answer.

The truth is with content it is often trial and error, but there are some things that you can do to ensure you are at least meeting the basic expectations of users.

  • Subtitles – every video these days should be subtitled so that users who can follow along without needing to listen.
  • Engaging – this might seem obvious, but you should be confident that your videos and blogs are engaging and not just filling a gap
  • Valid – the final thing to consider is the validity of your content. The last thing users of your website or social media want is to be watching or reading things that they can either get elsewhere or don’t need from you.

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