Get your Blog Set up for FREE!

Yes, you read that right. And no, I didn’t go crazy.

For only until end of march, I want to offer to my fantastic readers to the opportunity to get a blog set up from FREE.

Interested? Keep reading 🙂

Get your Blog Set up for FREE!

Get your Blog Set up for FREE!

For a limited time, I will build your blog, free of charge, when you make a purchase via my BlueHost affiliate link.

If you are worried about the tech stuff that comes when setting a blog or you don’t even have a clue how to set it up, this is the perfect deal.

Let me set your blog, handle all the tech stuff, install the best plugins and get you a beautiful theme so you can just focus on writing blog posts.

With my BlueHost affiliate link you will also get a FREE domain ($15 value), free SSL and free email addresses for just $3.95/month.

The advantages

I usually offer the setup service for $199 but I want to offer my readers the possibility to built and design their blog for absolutely free!

This way you won’t need to learn how to install WordPress or what a plugin is and how to install it.

You will be able to just start writing blog posts and enjoy your ready-to-go blog.

What exactly you will get

With my free blog set up service you will get:

  1. Installation of WordPress on your domain
  2. Installation of recommended blogging plugins
  3. Installation of a WP theme. Choose from any of these:
    Lavander by Premium Coding
    Vinyl by Hipster Theme
    Barletta by Moozthemes
  4. Creation of About Me and Contact pages
  5. Creation of a custom menu with Home – Blog – About Me – Contact tabs

Sounds amazing? Let’s get started!

My free blog set up service is available to new web hosting customers and only when you purchase your hosting via my affiliate link here.

Once done, fill out the form below so I can start setting up your blog as soon as possible!

Note: I will not share your information and I highly encourage to change password after the set up is completed.

It might take up to 24 hours for the domain name to become available to access and is completely out of my control. I will set up your blog within 48 hours of the domain becoming accessible to me.

Want your website set up for FREE?

Simply purchase your package through this link, fill in the form and I’ll email you back when the set up is compelted.

    Theme of choice (required)
    LavanderVinylBarlettaI don't need a theme

    Isa Lillo


    2 thoughts on “Get your Blog Set up for FREE!

    1. Wow, this is really a great deal!!! I have a friend that already has a Siteground blog but never did anything with it. She’s been talking to me about getting it running with content. If you have any services along those lines I’d love to know about it. I think she’s going to ask me to help, but I honestly don’t have the time nor the expertise. I’m stumbling myself!

      1. Hi Michelle 🙂 I can provide WordPress training as well as other WordPress related services (re-design, bug fix, etc…) at an hourly rate.
        Feel free to refer her to me! Happy to discuss a more personalised service 🙂

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