When Repainting Your Walls, Here’s What to Do

Your walls are the cornerstone of your home’s design. It’s the component that you see most often. You also base your furniture and flooring color and texture according to your walls. As such, it should always look great and be well-kept.  There are a variety of issues that your wall paint can run into, like: … Continue Reading

Picking the Right Website Host for Your First at-Home Business

When you start up your very first at-home business, one of the most crucial things to get right is your website. If you’re not focusing on improving your website, then you’re going to have a tough time drawing in customers and the first impression you create will be very unprofessional and messy. You should always … Continue Reading

The Games People Play (Because They’re Stuck at Home)

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down outside activity, confining people to their homes in self-isolation. Luckily, theater groups, performing artists, and movie outfits gave them something to do to ease the boredom by streaming past shows for free. But it looks like the champions of home entertainment during the lockdown are the game developers. According … Continue Reading

How to Increase Conversions on Your Ecommerce Site

If your ecommerce site hasn’t been experiencing the sales figures you’d like it to, it might be because you aren’t converting your leads well enough. This is one of the most important things to get right when you’re running an ecommerce store. Without conversions, you’re always going to struggle to achieve the outcomes that you … Continue Reading

The Forgotten Costs Of Running A Home Business

Running a business from home is very well one of the most lucrative things you can do, as long as you know what you’re doing, have the confidence to deal with day to day operations on your own, and you can build up a reliable customer base.  But once you’ve got all of these tasks … Continue Reading

Fattening Your Wallet: Personal Finance Hacks That Every Filipino Adult Should Learn

Managing your money is one of those things that most schools do not teach but you need to learn as an adult for you to survive in the “real” world. Unfortunately, many young Filipino adults find themselves burdened with too much debt, and most of the time it’s because they lack proper financial education. Data … Continue Reading

10 Countries Filipino Workers Go To: Finding Better Livelihood Opportunities Abroad

The constant search for greener pastures has led to millions of Filipinos leaving the comforts of their own homes and country to look for better opportunities so they can provide for their loved ones.Whether they are nurses or seafarers, whether they have relatives in a certain country or were deployed by amanning agency in the … Continue Reading

What are the Qualities of a Neighborhood That’s Ideal for Families?

A lot of us have dreams of starting a family and finding a good home to raise them in. While progress is good for any developing nation, the present living conditions in Metro Manila make it difficult to find that perfect spot to raise a family. With a population of 13,923,452, Metro Manila has a … Continue Reading

Enchanting Castle Retreats In The UK

We’re fortunate here in Britain. Not only do we live in a rich country with lots of beautiful locations, but we also have thousands of years of history right on our doorstep. While Britain wasn’t a big shot in the era of the Roman Empire, it grew to prominence throughout the middle ages, ushering in … Continue Reading

The Cheap Way To Stay In London

When going on vacation there is a lot to plan and a lot to organise. This rings true no matter whether you are going away for a fun-filled holiday or one that has been planned for business purposes. One thing you must make sure you do is budget effectively. We would all love to have … Continue Reading