Top Reasons To Start A Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best things that you can ever do. It is quick to set up and run and is a brilliant way to get your thoughts out to the world. If you have been debating starting a blog for a while but haven’t got round to it, or think that maybe it isn’t for you, then this should clear some things up and show you why starting a blog is such a great idea for you. There are so many ways that you can go about creating your blog too, from, to WordPress or Wix. You need to decide if you want it to be a place that you want to just write about your everyday life, if you want to write about a specific niche, or if it will be somewhere that you do reviews. Will you have social media accounts to go with it, or just stick with your blogging platform? It could be that you already have an online store and want to further enhance it with a blog. After all, you can enhance it with things such as eigenrun inventory management to track your inventory and more, so why not make it even better for customers? Will you create your blog yourself, or get someone else to help you with your template and setting it up? These are all things you need to think about. Here are some top reasons to start a blog…

1. You can connect with like-minded people

Blogging can be one of the most sociable ways to connect with others on the internet with the same interests as you. Chances are that if someone is reading your blog and interacting with you about it, that they like the things that you are talking about. It gives you a great opportunity to make new friends – you might even get invited to different blogging events or meet ups where you can get to know them better and become friends in real life, not just online!

2. You can talk about things you are passionate about

If you are passionate about something, whether this is sports, food, beauty, fitness or travel, a blog can be a great way to share your thoughts and ideas on what you love. It is a great way to tap into these things that you enjoy and be able to immerse yourself in it day after day. After all, if you are really interested in something, you probably want a good excuse to talk and write about it! It can be a way to learn more about it as well as regularly write about something that you love.

3. You can make it into a side hustle 

If you are looking to make a little extra money on the side of what you already do, then a blog can be a great way to do that. It can take a little while for the money to come in, but once it does, it is a great way to make some passive income without having to do too much. Some of the top ways that you can make money from your blog includes: through sponsored posts – so where companies pay to have an article about them on your site, through banner adverts – where companies have a physical ad on your website, through affiliate links – where you get paid from the company for each time a company clicks on an ad on your site and through writing about a certain product. These are just a few of the most common ways to make money and it can become a really lucrative side business if you do it right.

4. It is a good hobby to have

It is always good to have a hobby in your life and blogging is a brilliant one. It is a good way to keep your brain engaged and give you something to do when you are bored or at a loose end. It is much better for you than sat scrolling on other people’s social media pages all night or watching TV as you will share your wisdom and pass on interesting things to your readers. You could find that it helps to improve your vocabulary and your knowledge in certain areas too. It might help you with getting a career in the future such as in writing or marketing.

These are just a few reasons that starting a blog is such a great idea. Have you ever thought about starting a blog? What sort of blog will you create? Let us know in the comments below!

Isa Lillo


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