Making the Most Out of Your Website to Increase Online Sales

Whether large or small-scale, all businesses have one primary goal – to get more sales. These days, driving more customers to an online business can be a little tricky as the competition in the e-commerce industry becomes more intense year after year.

In a study conducted by Stanford University, 75% of online users make judgments about a business’s credibility based on how its website looks. If the website hits four seconds of loading time, a business loses 25% of its potential customers. These figures can be dangerous, especially for business owners who don’t invest enough money on their website.

A good website is one of the best marketing tools to grow an online business. From the company logo, design, usability, appearance, all these elements contribute to maximizing the overall user experience. This article will give you the best strategies to make the most out of your website and drive more sales.

Quality product images

If you need compelling evidence that will tell how good your product or service is, it would be a high-quality image. Considering the importance of how we perceive things and people, it stands to reason that including high-quality images of your product creates a favorable effect on your website visitors.

For example, a manufacturing company that specializes in industrial signage sells curtain sliders for heavy-duty trucks. Obviously, not everyone is familiar with what a truck slider looks like. To inform their visitors about their product, the company included a sample portfolio of their previous projects and clients, including a slideshow of curtain sliders. This feature provided a contextual message to visitors about truck sliders and their particular purpose.

Regardless of what you sell, using a wide range of quality images makes a big difference in enhancing the user experience of a website. The role of images is to capture the attention of visitors and present important product information in a digestible way.

There are different ways to showcase images on a business website. It can be in the form of a slideshow, portfolio, or photo gallery. Whatever you prefer, what matters is that the images should easily transmit information and easy to understand.

Customer reviews

In today’s social networking environment, customer feedback has become the most important tool for any business. Maximizing the use of customer feedback can be your valuable weapon by driving more customers to your website. As a matter of fact, good customer feedback is more influential than any other well-written sales copy.

But to have a lineup of customer feedback, you need to have a legion of satisfied customers who will speak highly about your brand. You need to ensure that you have gushing reviews coming from your customers that tell about their positive experiences with your products or services.

At the same time, the use of trust signals for your branding can be a great way to drive more online sales. Trust signals establish a positive perception about your business in the minds of your potential leads. Reading a positive customer review can potentially eliminate any hesitations or judgments in an instant.

Sense of urgency

A call to action (CTA) is the key element to any website. It serves as a signpost that drives the user on what to do next. Without a clear CTA statement, a user may not know the succeeding steps on whether to sign up for a newsletter or purchase a product. As much as possible, you need to create a sense of urgency for your potential leads.

For example, a reader visits a blog site with no clear CTA at the bottom of an article. The absence of CTA will urge the reader to leave the site without completing any task. But if there is a clear CTA at the bottom of the article, telling them to read more blog posts or sign up for a monthly newsletter will encourage them to continue navigating the website or avail of your services.

There are different CTA statements you can use for a website. You can tell them to sign up for a newsletter, share the article on social media, or support a website sponsor. A great tip is to use a CTA that creates urgency and clearly communicates what a user can expect when clicking a certain button.

In this fast-paced digital world, everyone wants instant results. But when it comes to increasing the number of sales, there are no shortcuts to succeeding online.

While there are many ways on how you can generate sales on your website, the strategies above are some factors that many businesses fail to work on. Make sure to follow these helpful ideas as they can lead to long-term sales growth for your business and less dependency on other digital platforms.

Isa Lillo


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