The Versatile Blogger Award

This is something different from my usual posts, but I hope you still enjoy 🙂

After receiving a couple of nominations, (Michelle @ GardenOfAcquatius; TheTinkerBug; Ray @ TheRayJourney) I decided to write my post about it too. Thank you so much for the nomination!! It really means a lot to me, having a community like yours, also if it’s only online, is very supportive! Thank you all ❤️

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award is a way to recognise those bloggers who create versatile, informative, inspirational and enjoyable content.

Does it truly matters?

Yes, it does! Blogging is sharing and is important to create a network to support each other and share ideas. Especially at the beginning of the blogging journey.

The rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. This is a given! Include a link to their blog as well;
  2. Lastly, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself;
  3. Select 15 bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and nominate them for the Versatile Blogger Award.

7 facts about me

I love motorsports.
I definitely prefer a day in a car circuit than a day at the spa – it happened. One of my favourite tv show is the Grand Tour and dream of having a fast car like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. Yesssss…..

I was the lead singer and guitarist of a band trio.
Back in high-school, my best friend and I formed a rock/punk/grunge trio. That was great! Unfortunately, it lasted only a few months.

I can speak 5 languages.
Yes, I can! Not all at the same level but I am able to speak and let people understand me in all five of them.

I moved country to pursue my dreams.
It hasn’t been an easy choice, but I packed my stuff and left almost everything behind to pursue my dreams. So far is going very well 🙂

I always tell what I think.
People call it being honest, some people instead get offended. If you ask me something, you’ll hear my honest opinion – no filters. It’s not because I want to be rude or offend you, but is just the way I am.

My star sign is Virgo.
Despite we can be so obsessed with small details that you won’t even notice, or organise even the smallest thing… Virgos are simply the best 😁 And it helps me being good in what I do.

I am addicted to coffee.
First thing I do in the morning is having a coffee. I loooooove coffee and I’m happily addicted to it. No sugar or milk. Just black coffee and its bitterness ☕️ Cheers!


So, here are my nominations in no particular order. These 15 blogs, that I’ve recently discovered, have impressed me, taught me something, made me laugh and simply stood out 🙂

Go and check them out!!

Isa Lillo


8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Loved getting to know a little more about you!! You’re awesome! So you speak 5 languages? Which ones? I’m only fluent in 2.

    Congrats on getting various nominations and thank you for re-nominating me!! Cheers!

    1. I can speak English, Italian, French, German and Spanish 🙂 Sometimes I confuse the vocabulary with another language but it very cool when you travel!

      Thanks to you 🙂 You deserve it!

  2. First of all thanks for adding me to the nominees list, that’s actually very sweet of you!
    Second of all, I love car races, well watching them (and also playing car race games..? lol) and I absolutely envy you that you actually physically do it. And I, too, like my coffee black and bitter! lol especially that first one in the morning.

    1. The first coffee in the morning is the best thing ever! It sets the mood for the day and wakes you up 🙂

  3. Congrats Isa! It’s great to learn more about you. I find it so impressive when people are multi-lingual. My husband is fluent in many languages and can get by in others. He got us through France, Germany, Belgium. I was helpful in Spain. But very little. I’m trying to learn his language (Dutch) to better converse with my in-laws when we visit. Sometimes when I come home I can’t speak English or Dutch. The brain gets so confused. LOL. Love your blog, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.

    1. Ha, yes, when the brain overlaps with languages and you can speak none is hilarious! It happens to me when I go back to Italy and I’m trying to speak Italian, but thinking in English, so trying to formulate a decent sentence, hahaha!
      Dutch is cool and is quite difficult too. I can kind of understand it, a little bit, or at least understand what a conversation is about because it has similar words to English, French and German. But it must be pretty hard to speak it!
      Thanks for stopping by Michelle 🙂

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