What are the Qualities of a Neighborhood That’s Ideal for Families?

A lot of us have dreams of starting a family and finding a good home to raise them in. While progress is good for any developing nation, the present living conditions in Metro Manila make it difficult to find that perfect spot to raise a family.

With a population of 13,923,452, Metro Manila has a present population density of 42,857 people per square kilometers, making it the world’s most densely populated city. With those numbers, it’s now harder to find a neighborhood that’s suitable to raise a family.

For this reason, a lot of housing developers are building communities and subdivisions outside of the metro. It’s now common to see ads and agents offering a house & lot for sale in Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan. These communities are now providing other more suitable housing options that are fit for young families.

The Qualities of a Good Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Affordable Housing

One of the main concerns of looking for a home and a community is budget. By this, we mean the cost of living. This shouldn’t be a concernif you’re earning a minimum of six digits every month, but if you’re like most folks, you have a budget to work with. Make sure the place you’re considering will still allow you to live comfortably and still provide well for your family.

High Security, Low Crime Rate

Every parents’ main concern is the safety and security of their children. Do your research and find out how tight the security is in the area and if there are regular occurrences of violence and crime.

Easy Access to Educational Institutions

Your children’s access to good education is something that you should greatly consider when looking for a good neighborhood. The importance of a good education cannot be overstated. Find out which schools are nearby and see how well they do academically.

Nearby Medical Facilities

Ensuring and safeguarding your family’s health and safety is an important aspect of looking for a good neighborhood. Accessibility to nearby medical facilities can help take a load of stress off your mind, especially during emergencies.

Plenty of Trees and Open Spaces

Trees provide not just aesthetic value to a neighborhood. but it gives you plenty of fresh breathing air.Open spaces like parks and playgrounds provide children with different avenues for learning, playing, and making lifelong friends.

Public Transportation is Within Reach

Access to public transport is also a major consideration. Not everyone is blessed with cars and motorcycles to go around in. Commuting is a big part of the Filipino’s life. Giving families easy access to public transport helps add to a community’s value.

Clean and Orderly

Being able to leave the car at home and go for walks around the block is pleasing and memorable especially for children as they grow up. A clean and orderly neighborhood allows for activities like this to take place. Plus, a clean community usually means a healthy community.

You can use this list as a guide for when you eventually look for that ideal family home and neighborhood.

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