Six Google Adsense Tips For Bloggers

Adsense can seem incomprehensible to new bloggers. You know it can be a great tool to make money, but how does it work? Harnessed correctly, Google Adsense can be used to help you cover the costs of your blog, like your hosting, or to make some money from your blog through advertising. Before you start, you should spend some time reading through the program policies from Google to help you make sure that you know whether your site is eligible and that you know a bit about ad placement and the requirements to use the system. 

Use better keywords.

Effective keyword use is the key to Google Adsense earnings. If all the keywords you use are highly competitive then you aren’t going to rank as well than if you use some lower competition words. Google AdWords has a keyword planner that can help you to find low competition keywords for your articles and blog posts. There are also things like an automation toolkit for Google Ads that can help you plan effectively too. 

Use proper keyword density.

Check your keyword density before publishing a blog post. The keyword density will determine how relevant the post is to your niche and will improve your search engine ranking. However, it also will determine the kind of advertising that gets posted on your site. With the wrong or too many keywords, your parenting blog can easily end up displaying adverts for laptops. Check your posts with a keyword density tool to make sure your post won’t get flagged as spam. It will also show you if more keywords would benefit you. 

Publish new content regularly.

Writing new content every day has been shown to greatly increase your traffic. Use the best keywords and keyword density in your posts, and try to post something new every day. A new page increases the chance of somebody clicking on your adverts. 

Google Ads is a powerful revenue-generating tool. You may want to consider using and working with a
google ads agency to help you plan out your keywords. Working side by side with a certified Google Partner, you’ll have access to industry-leading tools and expertise that deliver results worth talking about. Granular keyword research tactics can ensure your site produces ads that drive high conversions. Comprehensive and relevant keywords will make certain that each click is valuable. It’s the perfect combination of automation and industry-leading tech and human strategy to help enhance your content and ads.

Choose the right format.

Put the right kind of advert into the right space in your blog, like a banner at the top and square adverts down the side. Experiment with different sizes to see what fits best with your layout to make sure everything looks great. 

Color coordinate the adverts.

The adverts you place on your site should look like they’re supposed to be there. People are more likely to click on something that looks less like a random advert than they are something that looks like it has been deliberately placed. In your advertising control panel, you can change the colors of the border, background, links, and text. Change the colors to go with your site color scheme. 

Don’t use too many adverts.

It might be tempting to add lots of adverts in the hope that this would generate more income. However, too much advertising on your blog is actually offputting and will leave the reader wondering what they need to click to find out more information. It also looks spammy, which is definitely offputting to your readers. Make your content for humans, not for Google ads. 

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