Keep Business Flowing: Marketing Advice For Plumbers

Starting a plumbing firm, either as a newly qualified expert or an experienced pro that wants to go it alone, is hugely exciting. The chance to take control of your destiny is highly attractive, not least when supported by the promise of big financial returns. To unlock those monetary rewards, though, you will need to establish a good flow of jobs from clients.

Marketing might not be your forte, but you must not ignore it. Here are five simple steps to ensure the work doesn’t dry up.

Master SEO

For many customers, particularly residential ones, plumbers are needed in emergency situations. Therefore, most people will now jump straight to Google or even ask Siri for “plumbers near me”. A solid SEO strategy that focuses on voice searches and mobile searches will work wonders. When supported by a good web design and GMB listing, you should see fantastic results. Moreover, the people that find your business in this way will be hot leads.

Use Local Marketing 

While many modern businesses are now open to reaching universal audiences, yours isn’t. You need to focus on the local demographic. Visit AdEspresso to learn about geographic target marketing on Facebook. Meanwhile, radio ads and local newspapers have a huge role to play too. Getting known by people in other countries is unlikely to yield any profit. Focus on your local demographic, and the benefits will be both quicker and greater. It should guide you when deciding on the tone of your content too. 

Seek Recommendations

The power of recommendation is truly one of the best tools at your disposal. Businesses and homeowners want to use plumbing services they can rely on as the repercussions of ignoring this are too vast. Therefore, using an affiliate scheme or providing a reward (perhaps a discount) for leaving a review can have a huge impact. Increased conversion rates are just as valuable as more ad impressions. This is also a key step to building a professional vibe. 

Get A Branded Vehicle 

When marketing your plumbing business, you must use every option available. Visit Eden Commercials Ltd to find a used work van, and have it branded with decals. This can help your business get seen by thousands while also creating a more professional atmosphere. It’ll also help you create a bigger impact when supporting local charity events, for example. People will see the van, pay attention to the brand name, and research the brand when they need a plumber. Once more, you’d be amazed at the impact getting hot leads in this way brings.

Give Something For Free

If you want to establish a successful brand, you need to consider the Customer Lifetime Value. Once you have won over a new customer, securing their loyalty is easier than getting another new client. The best approach is to make them feel valued. Providing a small favour is a great way to do this. If you need an extra washer or a U-bend, don’t charge them. For the sake of a pound or two, your service will be more memorable. It will bump up their CLV. 

With a regular flow of new and returning customers, the future of your firm looks better than ever.

Isa Lillo


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