The Importance Of Web Design

If you were headed to an important business meeting where you had to give a presentation, would you wear your pyjamas? Would you turn up covered in mud and not shower for a week? Of course, you wouldn’t! You would present yourself in a way that makes you look sleek, slick, professional – and smell good. You do this because you know that first impressions matter, and it’s this first impression that can make a difference between getting a new client and turning your client away.

So, if you would go to that effort in person, why is your website not doing the same? Your website should be quick, tidy, and easy to read. It should catch the eye and make people want to sit up and pay attention. If you’re not making that much effort online, then you won’t need to worry about the customers you are attracting, as there won’t be any at all. If appearances matter when people arrive in your office building, then it stands to reason that your online identity should matter, too. Your website represents your business, and if you don’t have time to put effort into it, then you need to discuss your needs with a company like Vine Digital, who can ensure that you make that correct first impression every single time. Good web design will bring people in, but excellent web design keeps them coming back again and again.

Your web design will impact the way that people experience your brand. You could have the best product and the best employees to market that product. Still, if your website is behind, outdated and shabby looking, then your customers are going to go directly to your competitors and not use your services. With a responsive and well-thought-out website, you can encourage more users to come to your site and engage with you.

With proper web design, you create consistency with your brand. As a business owner, you’re going to be always on the lookout for new customers, and you want to ensure that your branding is consistent across the board. Everything from the colour scheme to the typography should be as consistent as possible. If you go for the “anything goes” approach, you will have a different design on each page. This goes against the whole idea of you being professional! A uniform and consistent look is one that will offer you the sleek look you are going for. Brand recognition is essential if you want your audience to be able to recognise you.

A good website should be simple, and simple web design means that you get easy readability. If you want to have a simple site, you should ensure that it is also mobile optimised and able to be read on both standard computer screens as well as smartphones. Most people do their scrolling on a smartphone and not a computer these days, and if your web design is not going to move with the phone, you’re going to have a problem. Simplify your web design, and you will be able to keep your business looking sleek and professional at all times.

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