A Quick And Easy Guide To Creating Videos To Promote Your Business

Video is one of the best marketing materials a business can use in 2020, and if you’re not currently utilising it to grow your business and get people interested in what you have to offer, then you’re missing out. There are a few things you should be doing to ensure that if you do this, it works for you. You don’t want your videos to flop! 

Read on to learn more about using video to grow your business: 

Make Sure You Have Your Brand Figured OutStart by making sure you 100% have your brand figured out. You need to make sure your brand is consistent across every channel and platform, and that includes video. If you’re a beauty brand that has a flirty brand voice and image, you need to get this across in your videos. If you haven’t given your brand a solid personality yet, now is the time to do it.

Know What You Want Your Message To Be

Make sure you know what your message to be, both in the long term and in the short term. Of course you should have a good idea of what the message is for each individual video, but you should also know what your overarching message is. This will ensure that everything you release stays in keeping with your overall values and image. 

Work With The Pros To Get Started 

There’s no denying that it’s so much easier to work with a professional video production company to get started. You don’t need one to film your videos, but it can really help in post production. If you’re doing it yourself or getting a member of staff to do it, you are wasting valuable time that could be better spent doing the things only you/your team member can do. To get started it’s a good idea to have:

  • A video camera or smartphone with a good camera. 
  • Lighting (softbox lighting will not give you crazy looking eyes and makes a set up look professional).
  • A plain background, blind, or backdrop you can film against. This may not apply for certain videos, but having too much going on in the background can be distracting. 
  • A microphone to improve sound and ensure background noise does not ruin the video. 
  • A tripod. 

Keep Them Short And Informative 

To begin with, it’s best if you keep your videos short and informative. This will make them shareable, so keep them concise. 

Post Tutorials And How To’s

You can’t be afraid to share your expertise, so make sure you add value by sharing tutorials and how to’s. You’ll have more chance of getting your video shared this way! 

Bring Your Testimonials To Life

See if your customers would be happy to talk about why they loved your service on camera

This can be a great way to bring testimonials to life – just make sure they are not scripted! People don’t want to see actors who have been paid to talk about your business, they want to see real people! 

Make Sure You Consider The Platform 

A video you post on Youtube should be very different from a video posted on TikTok. Always keep the platform and audience in mind!

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