How Can You Get Your Blog Seen by More Readers?

Blogging is a fantastic hobby- it’s a way to improve your skills, explore your interests and connect with like-minded people. It’s cheap to start, it’s accessible and you don’t need any special equipment, even someone without a huge understanding of technology or blogging, in general, can open an account and start typing away without any issues.

How Can You Get Your Blog Seen by More Readers?

Writing a blog is a lot of fun and is the perfect way to keep you productive during your time off, but even if you see it purely as a hobby (rather than as a way to earn money) you’re always going to want people to read it.

None of us wants to spend time and effort creating content for no one to ever appreciate it, after all, if we wanted to keep what we’d written private we’d write a journal and not a blog.

It can be frustrating, especially in the beginning to feel as though you’re floating around in cyber space and no one is able to find or connect with you. So here are a few ideas to help you reach more readers.

Write good content

First things first, you need to be focusing on creating good content. Something that’s going to really add value to the reader, whether it’s in the form of advice, personal experience, humour or wit.

Avoid generic content, you can find this all over the internet and doesn’t make your blog special or worth coming back to. Research your blog posts carefully, add your own thoughts and opinions in there- people generally read blogs because they like the person and want to hear what they have to say on a topic.

When your content is good, people are more likely to share, comment and interact with it. It’s much easier for it to pick up traction, so this needs to be your number one priority.

Use social media

Once you’ve written a few great posts and want to share them, your best bet is to take to social media.

Spend some time following others that blog in your niche, many will follow you back and from there you’re building an audience of people who are likely to be interested in what you have to say.

Share your content, but also be personal. Chat to others, work on building genuine friendships and support your fellow bloggers by sharing and interacting with their content too. They’re likely to return the favour and it’s mutually beneficial.

From here you can find opportunities for guest posting, events to attend and much more.

Utilise a marketing agency

Marketing companies are commonly used by businesses, but are also great for bloggers too. Find a digital marketing agency and have a chat with them about your needs, and consider working with one.

They can help you to get your content out there and reach a much wider audience.

Give it time

Finally, give it time. Don’t expect to build an audience and reach thousands of people overnight. It takes time and effort, be patient and keep putting the work in. if your blog is good, people will keep coming back.

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