Five Cool Features to Consider Adding to Your Website

Your website is at the heart of your business, it’s a hub of information and anything that customers need to know should be able to be found here.

As well as your contact information, location and your products, there are a number of cool extras which can increase engagement and help to improve your profits.

Here are some ideas!

A welcome video

Having a welcome video on your landing page has been shown to have so many benefits. Not only does it look professional but it can also extend the amount of time people spend on your site, and increases conversions.

People can experience the message you’re portraying with very little effort, which is good as research shows time and time again that people are ‘lazy’ online. With so much information out there, we don’t read all of it. Videos are easy to digest and understand and so are an excellent addition to your website.

Have a production company come in and create a professional video for you, ideally use your own staff in the clips to increase the trust factor.

Photos of your staff

Coming back to your staff and the trust factor, a page which shows pictures and a little information about your employees really helps to build up trust with a customer.

Businesses that are happy to put faces to what they do show they’re proud of their work and have nothing to hide which can be reassuring when you’re shopping with a new company.

A simple ‘meet the team’ link directing to a page of staff headshots can really add value to your site.

A blog

There are so many benefits to blogging for business. It shows authority in your niche and lets customers see that you know what you’re talking about.

It builds domain authority and blog content is easily sharable meaning its more likely to be shared and reach new potential customers. A blog shows that time and effort has been invested in your business, that it’s not just a scam site that will take a customers money and disappear.

You could have a staff member write up a weekly blog post and incorporate it into their job role, or you could hire a freelancer.

An ID checker

An ID check is a great feature for many kinds of businesses, from estate agents to solicitors to job recruiters. And integrating one onto your site looks professional, and can make your life easier as the boss.

Find a company that provides good software that you can incorporate into your website.

A portfolio or gallery

Depending on what you do, a portfolio or photo gallery of your work or products in action is a great way to get people engaged.

If you’re a building company, for example, you could post before and after pictures of the work done on people’s homes.

If you sell products like furniture, homeware or clothes you could post pictures of customers using them.

Lots of people share these kinds of things on social media, ask for their permission if you could use them on your site. It can be even better than reviews as people can see the results with their own eyes, and see that they’ve come from genuine customers.

Isa Lillo


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