Modernise Your Business Whilst On a Budget

As a small business, trying to make the biggest splash with the least amount of expenses. One of the biggest expenses for a small company is marketing as if you are new to the market, it is essential to get your name out there and build a report. However, it isn’t always a costly exercise to get your business name out there into the big wide world, and this article will help show you some ways to market yourself without breaking the accountant!

Word of Mouth is the Best Form of Marketing and it’s Free!

A common phrase in business is word of mouth. Word of mouth is an Entrepreneurs best friend when it comes to free publicity. Not only does this method of marketing ensure a loyal customer base, but it is also free! When one happy client leaves your company, then they go and tell their friends, then they come to you and see what their friend was talking about. Then if they leave happy they then tell their friends and the chain goes on. If conducted successfully this could be a great form of marketing for your business and will create a big and loyal user base for your future products.

Social Media is the ultimate Free Promotion

Another free method of advertisement is social media. Of course, there are paid options when it comes to social posts, however, if you are only wanting to start small, then free posts are just fine! You can use the free tools that most of these platforms offer, showing you when best to post in terms of user reach, engagement on your posts and post reach. 

On the topic of social media, and technology as a whole, you should always small or large, make sure you secure your cloud services. A company such as XBASE Managed Cloud Services or others would be the best option to help secure your enterprise cloud in an affordable way!

Promotional Items on your Travels

When it comes to personal items, think about what you use every day and consider switching them to promotional items that promote your product or business. For example, a pen is always the most popular when it comes to promo items, and the best thing of all is that they are super easy and super cheap to produce! You can produce them in bulk, and give them away, or you can produce a few, and only use them yourself, or give to people who are close to you. Other products you could produce include a coffee cup, notebook, business cards, or if you want to go the whole distance, a car vinyl wrap is also available if you look in the right places! 

So, depending on how much you want to advertise your business and how much you are willing to pay, there is an abundance of platforms and products that you can choose from!

Guest Posts and Promotions

Last but not least, guest posting on a blog or website that is close to your company is another free or very cheap way of getting eyeballs on your brand, so keep an eye out (no pun intended!) for websites and blogs that would be happy to promote your business!

Hopefully one of these tips, if not all, will help you and your business!

Isa Lillo


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