Let Them Have Coffee!

If you’ve been to a business show or exhibition before, then you’ve certainly sampled coffee from pop-up coffee vans. And if you’ve tasted it, then you’ve most definitely enjoyed it. So why not try hiring a mobile coffee bar of your own when you’re showcasing your business or product at an exhibition? Not only will it keep you and the other attendees hydrated, but it’ll also attract many people who perhaps wouldn’t walk up to your stall otherwise. It’s a win-win situation, and in the next few paragraphs you’ll find out exactly why. 

Great For Shows And Exhibitions 

If you own a start-up, a small business or you’re showcasing a new product to the masses, then one of the best ways to get your name out there is surprisingly not via the internet. Instead, it’s out there in the real world; more specifically, at business exhibitions and trade shows, which Infinity Exhibits can assist with. They’re usually held in important, booming cities and large towns around the country, and attract likeminded individuals who’re interested in new businesses and proposals. But once you’ve booked your place at one of these events, you’ll want to make the most of the opportunity. This begins by attracting people to your stall. One way is visual: banners and branding that can be seen from across the hall. But a much more organic and enticing way to draw in a crowd is simpler – by setting up a mobile coffee van. 

The aroma alone will lure people in, without it seeming like you’re aggressively trying to get their attention, as many others businesses will try and do. People will flock to your mobile espresso van, drawn in by the offer of free coffee, and this will naturally lead to conversations beginning with you and your staff. After a while, it’ll become a social hub right next to your stall and the networking commences. You’ll have the best seat – or rather, stall – in the hall. It’s a great marketing technique that many others won’t have thought of.  Best of all, the mobile coffee van comes with professional baristas, so you don’t even have to make the coffee yourself.

The Best Part Is Its Portability 

But it’s not just a useful gimmick for exhibitions and trade shows. The best part of mobile coffee van hire is its portability, so why not consider other uses too? If you’re having a staff away day, perhaps for team building or to thrash out next year’s marketing plan, fresh coffee on demand can help keep your employees focused. If you’re on location and filming an advertisement or other promotional material for your business, a mobile coffee van for hire onset will ensure the crew and other participants will get through the shooting with ample refreshment. Larger employers often choose to exhibit their businesses at graduate fairs: attract attention from the cream of the crop by providing free coffee to cost-conscious students. 

Or perhaps you are entertaining important prospective clients at a private event and want to impress by having everything laid on? A professional mobile coffee service can make a great impression and demonstrate your attention to detail too. All in all, it doesn’t matter where the venue is or who your guests are; whether it’s a Christmas or summer party; an award show or a corporate dinner, the best coffee van hire companies will go out of their way to make your business stand out in a natural, organic way.

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