How to use your skills to start a consulting business

There’s nothing more rewarding in life than being the boss of yourself.

Think about the financial freedom or the working flexibility, for example. They are just a little bits of what you’ll be able to enjoy by running your own business.

But here it comes the big question.

What kind of business should I start?

There are hundreds of answers for that and it also varies from your own skills.

But, if you worked for many years in a field and you know it like your pockets, you will have acquired a lot of useful skills which you can use in your business, too.

From employee to self-employed

If you’ve decided that you’re done with the employee world and you are ready to step up and start your own business, one great choice is becoming a self-employed consultant.

Why a consultant?

If you’re using your skills and abilities for the success of the company you’re working for, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them for yourself.

Think about putting all the effort and pride in something that you can beneficiate yourself and the person you decide to collaborate with.

Doesn’t the idea sounds satisfying?

I think it does!

How to become a consultant

[row-start][half]how to become a consultant[/half][half]Good news is that you don’t have to start from zero.

As this article explains, you should identify the niche in which you have knowledge and experience and start from there. If you’ve already learnt during your working career there’s no need to find a new niche and start learning from zero.

You’ll probably have to acquire certifications and licenses, depending on the niche you have chosen. For example, an accountant consultant [/half][row-end]needs professional certifications from recognise accounting institutions.

Setting everything up and be ready to launch your business can take time, even years as this article from the Guardian shows. But the waiting will definitely worth the satisfaction of working on your own.

If you feel stuck or in need of help, especially at the beginning I really advise to reach out for support so you can have a clear vision of the goals and how to smash them.

How to find support

We all know, the transition from employee to self-employed might not be easy. It’s actually one of the reason why a lot of people, despite their knowledge, prefer to remain employed.  A lot of things change and you will find yourself responsible for every aspect of your business.

This is why is important to find reliable support and training that will help you in your new path.

If you think, for example when we were at school, we haven’t been taught how to run a business or how to be successful business people.

That’s why training providers like help people understanding how to start a profitable consulting business, as well as a revolutionary new way of thinking that unlocks your mind for success.

They offer full support and training all around the world, with a free community of over 10,000+ members.


The story behind the success

Sam Ovens is the founder of and started his entrepreneurship career failing not once, but twice with his first businesses.

But he learnt from his mistakes and didn’t give up.

When he launched his third business, and working at the same time on a side business to fund his other business, he found out that a lot of business owners would pay him for his advice, because he was knowledgeable in what he was doing.

He decided to start a consultancy business and he also began having people asking him how to build their own profitable consultancies. He then started his coaching business where he was teaching people how to become consultants and build their own consulting businesses.

Fast forward to now, his course “Consulting Accelerator” created 25 millionaires, nearly 500 six-figure earners, and allowed over 3,000 students to quit their jobs and work for themselves fulltime.

Not bad, don’t you think?

In conclusion

The self-employed journey can be long and sometimes with lot of up and down.

My advice is to always be positive. Being self-employed is hard work, yes, but at the end of the day is very rewarding.

And if you need help, reach out for support. You are not alone in your journey and, one step at time, you will get to your goals and beyond!

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