How To Stop Anyone Returning To Your Website

Great advice is often best illustrated through positivity. As in, the ‘yes’ nature of following guidance is often much more instructive than the ‘no’ side. However, it’s important for you to know that for the things that really matter, knowing which mines to avoid can be truly helpful, and give you the most cohesive picture.

So, let us follow that trend. You likely know what to do to make a website relatively navigable. You know to use an excellent wordpress developer to help your content shine in the best packaging. You know how to choose a reliable web host, because there are many around:

But how do you stop anyone from wanting to visit your website? How do you make this so odious, so annoying, so completely irreparably irritating that no one will even give you a second chance, even if your marketing is excellent up to that point? We think we have some advice to this end. Just remember to absolutely avoid everything we tell you to do:

Become Slow-Loading

When a website is slow-loading, no one will ever wish to visit it again. This is because in the time it takes to load your homepage, others could have placed an order, input their payment information and have come away from the whole affair happy. With high-resolution images, too many widgets, too much content and a range of bad optimizations in your web development, you are sure to experience this. In some cases, it may even take ten to fifteen seconds to load one of your pages. In this modern online space, that is not acceptable for a firm to offer. Additionally, you must also keep those with slow or mobile connections in mind. 

Keep Shoddy Customer Service

More and more customer service options are available through social media sites, but also through live chat and direct phone connect through websites. If you wish for customers to avoid you completely, simply give them a terrible experience here. Do not allow for your customer service department to focus on the best resolution, only allow them to speak through the worst, pre prepared scripts possible. Additionally, if you really wish to make your customer service less than appreciated, ensure that it is only available at certain times, and that despite your ‘online integration’ queues are still long. If you can do this, you will be sure that many will stop using your services completely, contributing to your downfall.

Do Not Update

Keeping your website aesthetic in the mid-2000s design can often make it look as if other issues are present, such as a lack of updated security, an inability to keep accounts safe, or perhaps even the inability to allow for a smooth buying experience. You’d be surprised how a refined minimalist update can help any website seem more of the present, and with the aforementioned developers you can avoid that terrible first impression.

With this advice, you are certain to stop anyone rational visiting your website. However, ensure you use this to chart your action more carefully, and to stop hitting the obstacles you may have otherwise crafted for yourself.

Isa Lillo


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