How to use Instagram Stories to ask questions

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]reat news for all the Instragram Lovers! The third most popular social networking app has just rolled out a new feature where you can now ask questions to your followers directly from your Story. This will be a very helpful feature, especially for small business, which will be able to collect precious data at ZERO cost.

How to use your Instagram Story to ask questions to your followers.

[row-start][half]Let’s see how you can use questions in your Instagram Story. Steps are very easy and doesn’t differ from the normal way you upload a story.

  1. Open your Instagram app, and go in the left corner at the top just as you already do when you want to upload a story from your account.
  2. Take a picture or upload the photo you’d like to use in you IG story.
  3. Tap the “sticker button” at the top of your screen, select the sticker “question” and type the question you would like to ask your audience.[/half]

[half]How to use Instagram Story to ask questions[/half][row-end]

[row-start][half]How to use Instagram Story to ask questions[/half][half]how to How to use Instagram Story to ask questions ask questions in your instagram story[/half][row-end]

How to use Instagram Story to ask questions

Once you typed your question you can post you story as usual and you are all set up to receive answers!

What to ask to your followers?

This is a good question and only you can answer that. Do you need feedback for a product? Would you like some idea for a product or service? Go for it and try. Think how your business can beneficiate from that and give it a try. Let me know if it works for you or prefer other ways to ask questions in the comment below!

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