How To Bump Up Your AirBnB Listings

If you own a property that you don’t live in full-time, one of the most logical things to do is to rent it out when you aren’t there. This process has been made far easier by AirBnB, one of the leading holiday rental sites in the world, that allows homeowners to advertise their beautiful properties to tourists visiting their locale.

However, listing your property on AirBnB doesn’t guarantee you a fully booked summer of holiday rentals; it’s easy to fall between the cracks. Especially if you are advertising an apartment or house in a popular tourist area, you will have plenty of competitors who are just waiting to beat you to the punch.

If you’re struggling to get noticed on AirBnB, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at 3 easy ways to bump up your AirBnB listings!

Have professional photographs taken of the property.

One of the elements of your AirBnB ad that might be letting you down is your photographs. If you have passable pictures of the property that were snapped on your iPhone, these will look bland compared with the professional photographs uploaded by some hosts. You want to show people how beautiful and practical your property is? Invest in professional home photography.

A professional photographer can alter the lighting and optimise their angles to ensure your AirBnB listing looks spacious and sun-soaked in the pictures you upload. With professional pictures, you’re bound to attract more vacationers!

Make sure the property is always spotlessly clean.

Cleanliness is high on the priority list for people staying away from home. If you want your AirBnB listing to stand out, you must give your customers a reason to leave an awesome review. What better way to encourage their positivity than by giving them hotel-level cleanliness in a home environment?

Just like a hotel, you should invest in high quality linens from a company such as Richard Haworth, and have these professionally laundered every time a guest comes to stay. You should have the place professionally cleaned upon check-out, to ensure that when the next guest arrives, the place looks like something out of a magazine, not a lived-in home that doesn’t feel fresh or new.

Provide quirky extras that make you stand out.

Ultimately, to beat your competition on AirBnB, you need to provide something that they don’t. If your property is rural, for example, you could provide fresh eggs in the mornings, or leave a basket of homegrown fruits and vegetables in the property for each guest. In an urban environment, you could provide personal recommendations for restaurants, or give your guests earplugs to block out the traffic noise at night.

All these quirky extras will add up to a special, unique experience for your guests. Don’t just cover the basics – think outside the box in order to please even the most picky of AirBnB guests!

Final thoughts…

Ultimately, your AirBnB listings will blend into the others if you don’t make an effort for them to stand out. Use our guide to help you transform your D.O.A AirBnB listing into an unmissable place that guests will fight over!

Isa Lillo


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