Three Updates To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Homeowners as well as property developers consider that adding value to their properties is something that is extremely important. In addition, it is even more crucial if you plan to move up the property ladder by putting your property back on the market. Thus, it becomes necessary to complete renovations to increase the value of your home. Adding value to your home doesn’t always mean you have to spend a lot of money; there are some simple ways you can do in order to get the best offer.

Check out some of the easy ways to increase the value of your home below: 

Bathroom Update 

Many buyers will look at a property’s bathrooms prior to purchasing it. When you’re starting from scratch, they are seen as a major project, so a prospective buyer can be put off when they think they’ll have to complete a large renovation project after they’ve already spent a lot of money on the house. There’s no need to redo your entire bathroom in your home, the only thing you need to do is make sure it’s fully functional, clean, and presentable. Investing in an updated suite can be worthwhile if your current one is really out of date, as they can be difficult to update. If your suite is relatively new, however, you can consider updating it by installing new light fittings, rerouting, adding new taps, and replacing the toilet seat. The goal is to finish the bathroom without needing immediate work. It would also be a good idea to replace any broken tiles or dripping faucets

Kitchen Update 

Potential buyers place a high priority on the kitchen, along with the bathroom. As a result, it is important to grasp the fact that installing a new one can sometimes mean an expensive project. There is no need for you to replace your kitchen if you keep your cupboards solid and you have a decent floor since you can update it without having to replace it. A few ideas to update your kitchen include: 

  • Cabinet doors have been replaced
  • Replacing the handles with new ones 
  • It’s time to change your taps 
  • It is important to replace the worksurfaces
  • Make a statement with your lighting
  • Add in new Andi-Co appliances. 
  • De-clutter your worktops
  • If any tiles are broken, repair them 
  • Regrout the tiles
  • Install a backsplash

Refresh The House’s Paintwork

Making sure your house is clean and presentable is an easy way to get the best price for your house. So, it’s a good idea to give the painted areas of your home a once over and give them a fresh coat of paint. Radiators, skirting boards, and ceilings are especially suited to this method. If you shop online, you will be able to have everything delivered to your doorstep. Keeping the white paint in your home in good condition will make it appear cleaner and fresher. Over the years, the white areas in your home have yellowed greatly. 

Do you know of any others you can add to the comments below that would add value to your home?

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