How to Better Support Your IT

Did you know that the average cost of a data breach for a company is just under $8 million? Cyber attacks have continued despite the pandemic because even though businesses have folded, hackers have not. In fact, more business is moving to remote areas has meant that there are more hacks now than they ever have been. 

Despite our ongoing advances in IT security, the threats will emerge just as fast as they always have done, and that’s the reason why a VPS is so important. If you are moving your business abroad, the security of your data and your information is key, but so is the security of your customers’ information. Cyber criminals will always find a new way to gain access to your information, but there are things that you can do to better support your IT systems. Let’s take a look below.

Invest in employee training

Your employees need to be trained correctly when it comes to IT security. They need to know the correct passwords, how to change them, what multifactor authentication is, what it means to have a secure system, and more. If your employees understand what to look for, they’re going to know how to understand what the data breach looks like and how serious it can be. Knowing that you have the whole team on board and able to help you will ensure that you feel secure and confident in your business is the ability to be agile

Change the master password regularly

As a business leader, it’s up to you to ensure that passwords are used in the correct way. Protecting the company’s IT security is imperative, which is why you have to make passwords as strong as possible, always use a different password for each website and never write your passwords down. You should also consider implementing timed password changes every month or two just so that everybody is protected.

Embrace the cloud

There are plenty of SaaS companies who build platforms on a cloud-native service and not just because it’s the latest in technological advancement. They do so also because of the IT security advantages. It’s also important that if you’re going to have the responsibility of configuring firewalls, you ensure that your IT team is up-to-date on how to use the cloud to keep your information safe. Adhering to cloud data management best practices will help you to achieve high-level security certifications which you really do need for your website.

Don’t forget the physical lock

You can put as many passwords and cloud locks as possible on your information, and while you are busy encrypting all of that, somebody can just come in and take your actual laptop. If your employees are failing to lock their computers when they are not being actively used, they could allow unwanted access to confidential data that could be harmful. There should be a part of your employee training, but every single piece of equipment should be locked before the end of the day.

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