Popular Niches on Pinterest You Can Market Today

Pinterest is one of the world’s most widely used image search engines. Because of this, you can develop a solid affiliate marketing strategy targeting specific niches. Here are some top ones.

Home Renovation and DIY

Home renovation is one of the top pins people look at on Pinterest. Users look on the site for ideas, inspiration, and shopping for home appliances and DIY stuff. You can use Pinterest to market to specific target audiences. For example, men love to use the platform. And 80% of men polled claim they often find something unexpected and exciting to buy when browsing pins. You can use this as an opportunity to include your affiliate marketing links in pins for trending DIY items such as new kitchen sinks, cabinet restoration, and built-in storage ideas.

Travel and Photography

You can appeal to all ages and generations with affiliate marketing pins. But for travel and photography, you can maximize appeal by killing two birds with one stone. Millennials, people currently aged between 23 and 38, travel the most. While GenZ, people currently aged between 10 and 25 document their entire lives online with sites like Instagram. And travel and photography mix well. So you can take advantage of this by mixing pins into one niche while promoting travel experiences, smartphones with cameras, and DSLR photography.

Even Quotes are Popular Niches worth Marketing

Pinterest is full of quotes. Inspirational quotes are among the favourites of the platform’s 60% female user base. But not all quotes need to be inspiring. Some can be religious, others educational, and a few are cheeky. Whichever they are, people love reading and sharing passages that speak to them. From a marketing perspective, you could promote numerous materials related to a quote. For instance, you could market encyclopedias from pins of quotes by scientists like Tesla. Or you could link to sports products from quote pins by famous athletes.

Art and Design

You don’t need to work for a huge brand to market on Pinterest since 97% of searches are unbranded. This means users query the products themselves rather than the brands that make them. Which is great for art and design products. Most people could search for an easel, but not a branded easel. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as Bob Ross Inc. Still, they don’t offer affiliate programs, and their practices are questionable. However, there are reputable art and design affiliate marketing sources, such ARTdiscount, with which you could make a profit.

Technological Innovation

We live in a tech world. From the phone in your hand to the AI in your fridge, you are connected to innovative technology all the time. Because of this, technology is integrated into trending lifestyle improvements. In short, everyone wants the latest tech because it makes you look cool. This is good news for creative marketers. Lifestyle images tend to have a higher click-through rate than other ads. By incorporating lifestyle into your tech affiliate ads, you can expect up to 32% more CTR. However, the caveat is that the images must be original rather than stock.


There are tons of popular niches you can affiliate market on Pinterest. You will need to research for the best results, but some of them include home and DIY, quotes, and trending technology.

Isa Lillo


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