How I made $446 working from home with my business in July 2019

If you run a business and work from home, you know that not two months are the same.

In this post, I’m going to reveal how I made $446 in July by working from home, at my own pace, actively and passively.

July – a challenging month

If you might know, in April this year, I started reselling on eBay UK. Most of my efforts, income wise, goes into this part of the business. And I love it!

The business is still at the point where is just part-time, but all the bits behind selling an item on eBay take the most part of the time.

July is also the month for holidays – meaning people have other priorities than buying things for themselves.

If June has been a great month for selling things in preparation of holiday, July has been…. yes, a bit terrible.

What worked

Ell Duclos put her Pinterest course on sale for the entire summer , so I created a series of pins to boost my sales too.
(P.S. if you’re interested in getting the course discounted, click here and use the code SUMMERLOVE at the checkout to grab your copy for just $12 instead of $32!)

I’ve been able to source completely different things while I was on holiday that it couldn’t be possible while at home.

During the spare time, I had the time to re-vamp old blog posts, which helped me boosting affiliate sales.

Furthermore, having time off helped me figuring out a more clear plan for the future of my business and other business ideas.

What didn’t work

I’ve been on holiday myself, so couldn’t really spend much time on eBay.

I couldn’t improve the old listings and eBay DOESN’T LIKE THAT at all.

I couldn’t list new stuff, meaning that for eBay I was inactive, even if I’ve sold things nearly every day in June.

I haven’t post as much as I wanted on the blog. Meaning less views and clicks.

How I made $446 working from home – BREAKDOWN

Here’s the breakdown of how I made working from home with my business.

TOTAL: $446

Let’s don’t forget the costs of running a business

Of course, there are expenses when you run a business. I prefer not to include them in this income report for two main reasons.

First one, some costs are fixed or recurring. Meaning that they are the same every month AND YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THEM. For example the web hosting or phone bill.

PRO TIP: To make sure I can take advantage of the best prices and save on fixed expenses, I prefer to sign up to annual plans rather than monthly.

For example with Bluehost, if you sign up for two years in advance, you pay the equivalent of just $4.95/month INSTEAD of $8-10 for the monthly plan.

Second one, most of the variable costs are business related. For example the cost of sourcing goods, eBay fees, etc.

And if you think, the more stuff I buy to resell, the more I can sell and make a profit.

The more eBay fees I pay means that I’ve sold a lot of things! Hence I made a good profit (hopefully).

So, in this case, I prefer to see the glass half full instead of half empty.

Goals for August 2019

Am I happy? Yes, I am. But it could have been better.

That’s why, for August, I want to list new things on eBay almost every day of the week. I want eBay to know that I’m still active!

I’ve also got some old listings that need a re-vamp. I hate when products remain stocked for too long.

I’m also planning to send some of this “stagnant” stock to Amazon FBA. Some things are brand new but difficult to place and they just take room in the house (I bet every eBay reseller can relate to this!). By sending them to Amazon FBA, it will help me free up room for new stock and free me up from the hustle of pick and pack.

I also really want to get back to Youtube with new content. There’s a big community of eBay resellers on the platform, but the UK is still little. I think it could be a good opportunity to improve, grow and meet new people. (I know, working from home on your own can sometimes be a bit depressing)

Share your thoughts

Do you blog? Do you want to start a blog? Do you work from home or do you have your own business?

Let me know, in the comment section below, how was July for you!

I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Isa Lillo freelance web designer Canterbury

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