How Can You Make Your Business Better at Recognising Threats?

Threats, in terms of the wide world of business, are everywhere. One of the biggest problems we can all have is that we are not particularly skilled at recognising these threats. While there are common threats to any business infrastructure, there are also numerous ones that fly under the radar. Addressing threats and risk is a big part of running a business, so what do we do to become better at managing risk while also recognising threats?

Understand Your Weaknesses

Any business that is progressing forward without any pushback has no idea how to deal with threats, but it’s very likely they don’t understand what their inherent weaknesses are. In terms of cyber security, there are so many threats out there that penetration testing companies can help you understand so you can identify your vulnerabilities before a cyber attacker can exploit them. This doesn’t just give you peace of mind, but it also keeps you firmly in the loop about what your weaknesses are. Lots of businesses like to plead ignorance, thinking this is not a productive mindset, but when you understand your weaknesses, you can bolster your strengths.

Test Your Resilience

If you want to get better at recognising threats, you’ve got to continually stress test your business. Utilising specific planning to address those threats and risks to your business can come from a number of perspectives, such as where your company stands in the market, its overall strengths, and how malleable your business would be in light of an attack. Having regular testing to ensure that you are combating threats allows you to test your resilience and opens your eyes to what would happen if your business was to experience a certain type of attack or failure. This doesn’t just help you to deal with the perceived problem, but it also forces you to think about managing customer perception, public relations, and other associated outward-facing components.

Train Your Employees

There are two factors at play here. Firstly, your customers need to understand what common risks are to your business, but you also then have to ensure your employees know what to do in light of a specific threat. Many businesses fail to train their employees beyond the demands of the job. When you start to tap into their potential, you can give them an infinite amount of autonomy, which allows them to feel far more at ease during specific crises. Whether your business is under attack from a cybercriminal or a fellow employee is stealing from the business, your workers should have the ability to recognise threats and know how to deal with them appropriately. 

It is much more than just training and upkeep that will help you to recognise threats, it’s about actually arming yourself with the tools that allow you to maintain an ongoing education. There are so many threats that evolve that it becomes a job all in itself to recognise threats. If you become better at recognising threats, then you won’t just be a stronger and more resourceful company, but you will actively grow too.

Isa Lillo


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