Fun Arts and Crafts To Try This Spring

Now that winter is almost over, many of us are experiencing longer and brighter days, bringing with it more mild weather conditions for us to enjoy. When spring comes around many of us have an urge to start fresh and make some changes to our lives and home, and today we want to start small with a few fun crafts you can do this weekend to vamp up your home as well as give you a new hobby. 

These simple arts and crafts are ideal for a rainy day, and they will give you something to occupy your time as well as learn some new skills. Here are some fun arts and crafts ideas to try this weekend. 

Make your own jewelry 

Making jewellery can be a great hobby, and whether you buy some nylon tubing from a nylon tube manufacturer to make your pieces or you make some earrings out of clay – there are boundless opportunities to be creative here. Start your jewellery making the journey by ordering a kit online, and you’ll be able to start creating some stunning necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that you could eventually sell for a profit. 

Pebble Placemat

If in the home this year you are opting for a fairly nautical theme, you can do this easily by collecting some small pebbles to make a placemat out of for your table. You can do this by cutting a circle in the size you want out of cardboard or plywood. Once you have done this you can glue the pebbles on top and create a cute design that is sure to impress at your next dinner party. 

Candle Jars 

If you fancy making the home feel a little cosy during the colder months you can always have some fun making some cute little candle jars for the living room and for the bathroom too. All you’ll need for this is some clean glass jars, a glue gun and some yarn. Simply wrap the yarn and glue it over the jar and let it dry. Once it is dry you can place a tealight in the jar and place it in the living room and the bathroom to create a lovely atmosphere.

Petal Garland

As we approach the end of the winter and spring starts to come through, it can always be a good idea for us to brighten up the home a little with soft pastel colours. For this craft, you will need some fake petals or flowers, a long piece of twine and some PVA glue. Simply layout your flowers or petals and lay the twine on top. Once you have done this you can glue each petal to the twine and leave it for a few hours to dry. It will dry in no time and leave you with the perfect hanging accessory for your fireplace. 

Patio Tyre Seat 

If you are looking to upgrade the garden this year for some fun, and you fancy hosting some parties in the space this year you can create some fun seating using an old tyre, some foam from, Teflon spray and some nice fabric. To do this you can start off by either painting the tyre a fun colour or leaving it as it is. Fill the tyre with foam and make sure that the foam also comes a little out of the top. Now pick a fabric you like and staple this to the top of the tyre to cover the foam. Spray with Teflon spray and voila!

Isa Lillo


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