How to convert traffic into paying customers

As a small business owner you want to attract as much as possible potential customers to your website. That’s why you’ve created a website.

People who visit your website is called “traffic” and it’s pretty much like when people go in your shop to look for a specific product.

So, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more potential customers you’ll find.

The importance of convert traffic into paying customers

The main problem of a website could be that, despite you’re driving a lot of traffic to it, you need to convert the traffic into paying customers.

Sad truth, for example, if your website has 100+ users every day but no one of them is buying something, your business won’t last long.

The same happens in a physical shop: if people just get in and then go out, without purchasing anything, you won’t make any sales.

That’s sad and I’m sure it’s not the purpose of why you’re running your business.

What you can do to convert traffic

How to convert traffic into paying customers

Converting traffic is much easier than what you think. Some little changes can make a huge difference to your business.

Today I want to share with you some ways you can implement too to convert traffic in paying customers.

Is important that you monitor your strategy and see what works best for you.What works best also depends on your target customers and how you drive traffic to your website. Check also this 25 ways to increase traffic to see if you’re doing it right and how you can improve it.

Build a mobile friendly website

As you care about creating a user friendly website that your customer can navigate from PC, is important that they can have a great navigation experience also from mobile.

People is using more and more often their phones as everyday tool, including surfing the net to look for reviews and buying products.

A smooth experience will guide your users through the processes of making a sale, leaving the customers happy and satisfied.

A good way to build a mobile friendly website is to choose a responsive theme for your website.

What is a responsive theme?

A responsive theme will give you the possibility to create a website who is optimised for different devices.
If you want to learn more about responsive themes for your website, you can have a look at this list of more than 40+ best responsive WordPress themes.

Use a customer success platform

A great way to enhance the user experience on your website and convert traffic into paying customers, is by using third-party software.

The aim of that is to facilitate the process that goes from visiting your homepage to complete a purchase.

In doing that, for example, you can use guided tours to engage with your users so they can familiarise with your product. UserIQ offers a very easy-to-setup software that you can implement in your website and tailor the experience to each users.

customer success platform

Use analytics to know more about your audience

You can gather very important and useful data about the audience that visit your website, and if you’re not already doing it I highly recommend you to do so.

Analytics help you better understand how your audience behave, where they are from, what their interests are and much more.

A free tool you can use for your business is Google Analytics. You can set up an account linked to your website and start monitoring your website as soon as today.

I personally love Google Analytics and, I admit, I do a heavy use of it. I like the fact that you can monitor every traffic driving strategy from the platform and see if it’s successful or not. For example, If I run a campaign on Social Media, I can monitor which is the one that drives more traffic to my website. Or, I can see if the people who visit my website is interested in the product I sell.

If you sell a product and your visitors are not interested into it, you can even have 10k+ visits a day but you won’t make a sale, unfortunately.

And if you find out that this your case, you can work on building a new strategy that drive the right traffic to your website! Easy-peasy.

In conclusion

Convert traffic into paying customers can take very easy steps like the one I’ve discussed above, but it’s also a fine art that must be cultivated and tuned. It takes time and dedication. f you’ve just launched your website and it’s stuck, maybe you just need to do some little changes. Try to experiment and test new strategies, and when you’ve found the right one stick to it.

Are you using some of this tools already? Have you tried something different that convert traffic into paying customers successfully? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it.

Isa Lillo


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