Build a Better Blog – 3 Essentials For Any Budding Blogger

Blogging is easy, right? All you have to do is get a site and then rattle on about anything and everything that pops into your brain? Of course, there are plenty of people that blog in this way, but they don’t tend to be the ones getting many views or bringing in the big money from sponsorship either. Indeed, if you are a budding blogger that wants to successfully monetise your work, you’ll need to follow the guidance below to build a better blog. 

Be reliable 

Reliability is a big one in the blogging world, and it’s so essential because it is something that will help you build trust with your readers, and ensure they come back to visit you time and time again. 

The good news is there are plenty of tactics you can use to improve your reliability. One is to thoroughly research any topic before making a post on it. Thereby ensuring you pass on only accurate information. Being truthful, ( and sometimes vulnerable) is also important because it helps humanize your brand and connect with your audience. 

Even being reliable in a practical way can help improve your blog and signal to your readers that they can rely on you. With that in mind, be sure to choose a reliable Cloud services provider that will minimise any site downtime. Additionally, publishing on the same day/s each week can help to build a sense of consistency that your readers will find comforting and can rely on. 

Say goodby to walls of text! 

Ever tried to get through a wall of text? It’s impossible, even when you know for certain that there is information that is of value to you hiding there! Sure it’s basic advice, but avoiding walls of text and using short snappy paragraphs, with individual heading titles help to guide your reader through your work and directly to the information that they need. 

Indeed, heading titles act almost like a summary of the information on offer, allowing your reader a foundational structure on which to build understanding as they read. So whatever you do, don’t publish walls of text! 

Use pictures, images, and video 

While we are on the topic of breaking up written work, it’s vital that you do not forget to use images, photos, and video on your blog either. There are so many benefits to using visuals as well as text, including illustrating your point, breaking up the text, and adding additional value. The latter being something you can do by adding a link to a video that explains a point you are making in more detail.

Additionally, images help to reinforce your blogging brand, creating a sense of consistent atmosphere for your readers, and letting them know what to expect from your content. For example, a business blogger may choose to use a lot of cartoons or illustrated images to convey specific concepts or processes, whereas a lifestyle blogger will be looking for more aesthetic and aspirational images to illustrate their words.

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