5 steps to become a consultant

Working for yourself can be very rewarding and exciting. First of all you can be your own boss and dictate your own rules.

Therefore you can choose which client you want to work with, how many hours a day and so on.

If you worked in an industry for many years, you might think to become a consultant.

Why you should become a consultant

Becoming a consultant after working many years in a certain industry can be a great choice.


First of all, you already know what you need to know. You don’t need to take courses or to start from zero. Because of many years of experience you can do your job perfectly, pick a niche and start working your way up to a flourishing consulting business.

Also, you should consider to become a consultant if you have the need to work from home. For example, if you are a new mum and still want to make money and enjoy your family life, this is a great option.

And, as per this article another reason you should consider to become a consultant, is that you can earn very good money already from the beginning.

Step one – Identify a niche

As I said before, you should consider to become a consultant in the industry you’ve got experience in. This can be consider a niche.

Knowledge and experience will make the difference to be a great consultant or not. 

A passion for something, like computer or music, doesn’t automatically make you a consultant. Make sure you’ve got plenty of knowledge.

Step two – Acquire certifications and licenses

As a result of the above, a great way to prove your knowledge is to acquire the required certifications and/or licenses.

In this article, the most requested qualification to become a consultant is the bachelor’s degree. 

Furthermore, it might also depend on local or state guidelines, so make sure to check everything you need before starting.

Thinking of something more in the tech field? Enrol in a free coding bootcamp and learn in-demand web development skills like HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular and Node.js.

Step three – Get your name known

Of course, if you want to start finding new clients, potential clients must get to know you. Join local networking, business support groups, Facebook groups, etc.

Probably, you’ll still have contacts from your previous workplace. Connect with them and spread the voice. Tell them about your new business and how you can help.

Don’t be scared of get your name known out of there. Identify where your potential clients are and start doing some marketing homework.

Step four – Invest on a website

Another tool to get your name known out there is having a website.

Having a website will give visibility to your skills and show expertise to your potential clients. 

Certainly, you can decide to make and manage a website by yourself – here‘s a guide to make your own website in three simple steps.

My advice is to hire a web developer to create and maintain your website. A good web developer will discuss your business goals and help you create a user-friendly website that your potential clients will love.

Furthermore, you can ask help to keep it updated to avoid hacking and slow uploading, so you can focus on what you do best in your business.

Is important that you rely on professional content management system like WordPress in order to create a professional looking website.

If you are interested to discuss my web development and maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Step five – Invest in a consulting training

If you’re finding hard to become a consultant, you can invest in some consulting training. 

For example, Consulting.com offers courses on how to start a profitable consulting business of their own.

They have training programs which contain proven processes that anybody can follow. 

Furthermore, one thing I really like about these guys, is that they teach a new way of thinking  that unlocks your mind for success.

In conclusion

If you are ready to do the big step from employee to self-employed, becoming a consultant is the way to go.

I’d love to hear in the comment below your experience and thoughts on how to become a consultant. Have you ever thought of become one? Have you already started this business? Let me know!

Isa Lillo


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