How to get FREE stuff for your blog

Altogether with creating great content, a good blogger must also create catchy and inspiring designs to show off in a blog.

You want to create nice graphics, especially if you use Pinterest to drive traffic to grow your business.

If you are at the very beginning, you might also go for creating a logo on your own! So you need a particular font, that shows the personality of the blog.

Depending on your abilities and finances, you can opt to use advanced software like Photoshop or Gimp, or online editor like Canva.

Whatever you choose you obviously need some material to copy, paste and crop! Better if is free stuff!

Where to get free stuff?

Online you can find plenty of website where you can buy stock photos, set of images, fonts and other graphic material. 

But let’s be honest… At the beginning we all look for some FREE stuff!

And also if you’re not a beginner, why not to benefit from some free stuff as well?

I personally like to do a mix of the two things. Where I can find something very nice for free I’m more than happy to use it. If not, I’m happy to pay a little bit, anyway. 

Also because, by paying for something, your helping another online entrepreneur, just like you, to get known and earn money online!

One place for everything you need

My favourite place is with no doubt

They offer a wide range of things, from fonts, photos, graphics, bundles and much more! 

I also like to browse if for WordPress themes! To be honest, most of the theme I use for my clients I get them from here. 
(Need some inspiration? Have a look at my September favourite blogging themes).

FREE material… EVERY week!

Right, so now probably you had a look at the website… but…. where are the freebies? As you can notice, also the cheapest photos is priced at $5.

BUT, good news is that they offer a section with 6 products to try and use at absolutely ZERO cost!

And, likewise other websites, they offer NEW material every single week! That means that you can have up to 24 freebies in a month.

Powered by Creative Market

Every week, there are different things you can choose from. There are usually a couple of fonts, some vectors, icons, sets of images. Sometimes you can even find FREE themes! 

How cool?!

The more you spend, the more you get

Another thing I really like on is the freebie scheme. If you buy something from the website, you’ll unlock more free stuff!

For example, once I bought this super discounted bundle and got other 3 free stuff to download immediately. And not just for that week, but for those week and the next one. So, 6 more freebies for a total of 18 FREE stuff in only 2 weeks!

They also offer FREE bonus credit if you top your account up with by $100 or more.

For example, if you top up $100, you’ll receive $10 for free to use to buy any material on their website.

Or, if you do a heavy use of graphics and various material, I highly recommend to top up by $500 where you can receive $60 of free bonus credit!

In conclusion

free stuff for blogging

Whether you’re using your freebies immediately or afterwards, don’t let them expire! Save them in your computer, they might be useful for your blog, especially if you are starting out. 

I’d love to know if you there are other website where you can get free stuff for blogs and websites. 

Comment below and let me know you favourite ones!

Isa Lillo


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