Why Go For A Serviced Office

Serviced offices have become very popular with businesses of all sizes across all industries. Below, we explain what these offices are and why they are beneficial. 

Serviced offices are fully equipped and managed by a facility management company. You can click here for more information on serviced offices. However, we will give you a brief overview. With a serviced office, this means that all of the facilities you need are ready and available for you. This can include any of the following: a parcel pick-up service, video equipment, conference rooms, cleaning services, parking, faxing and copying equipment, and more.

The most obvious benefit of opting for a serviced office is that you save yourself a lot of hassle and make the process a lot easier. The office is ready for you to move into straight away.

In addition to cost-effectiveness and convenience, this type of office is also desirable because it provides a lot more flexibility regarding the contract. This is because there tend to be shorter contracts available if need be, as well as in terms of the ease of extension and contraction of contracts.

An overview of the benefits of serviced offices

• Good business address.

A prestigious address can make a massive difference for businesses today, as it ties in with your professionalism in the industry.

• Cost-efficient

With a serviced office, you are going to have everything that you need to get up and running. It’s ready to go. This can reduce costs dramatically. 

• Infrastructure is readily available.

If you need maintenance or cleaning,  IT services, or even office furniture, these can be incorporated into your rental agreement.

• Flexibility of lease

As touched upon, the lease agreements tend to be a lot more flexible with these sort of offices, which is important for businesses that are looking to expand in future, which let’s face it is most companies today!

Finding the best serviced office for you

While the advantages are vast, you still need to make sure you choose with care when it comes to selecting the right serviced office for your needs. Consider everything from location to reputation. It is also worth finding out what other businesses are housed under the same building, as this can have an influence on your reputation as well, which is something a lot of people do not tend to consider.

All in all, it’s not hard to see why so many businesses are trying to rent a serviced office. With this type of office, all of the facilities you need will be included in your rental agreement. This includes everything from cleaning and maintenance to reception and IT services. This means that these office spaces are ready to move into today. If that was not enough, you can also expect to benefit from more flexible leases when you go down the serviced route. From one-month to one-year, there are contracts to suit all requirements, meaning you can easily expand or downsize as needed.

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