Safety Must-Haves For Your Next Apartment

When looking for an apartment, there is a lot of anxiety about finding the right space before you have to be out of your old space. Many people feel under the gun when looking for a new spot, and it may be easier to make a list of what you want so that as soon as you find it, you can jump on the chance of renting it. Here are a few things you may want to add to your list when looking for your next apartment. 


Doormen are a big luxury to have when you are looking for a new apartment. Doormen offer the next level in safety and security by watching the door at all times. No one can get into or out of the building without the doorman knowing about it. Guests are announced, and anyone who seems out of place will be removed.

Doormen are also great for watching out for your packages when they are delivered. You won’t have to worry about porch pirates taking things away from your front door or neighbours taking your packages from the lobby. 

Protection Against the Elements

If your dream apartment has a balcony or outdoor space, you are going to want to make sure you are protected from anything from the weather to pests. Although pests aren’t something you want to consider, it is possible you will need the help of exterminators in new jersey, or exterminators wherever you are living, to come and deal with a pest issue. 

Not only do you want to be protected against the elements like rain, storms, snow, and high winds, but you also want to be protected against intruders. It is a great protection to have your patio or balcony covered with something like horizontal louvres that will allow you to get air and sun and then they can be closed to create a wall against the outside.

A Secure Parking Area

If your apartment building comes with a parking area, whether it is a parking lot or a parking garage, you are going to want to make sure that you feel safe when you are coming home no matter what time of day. Parking areas are hotbeds for criminal activity and attacks because these areas are typically not busy and it is easy for an attacker to hide behind cars and big SUVs. 

A parking area that is completely gated like a garage is optimal, or a parking area that is close enough to the building so that you won’t have to walk far. Always know how to keep yourself protected in these situations just in case. 

Gates Around the Property

When there are gates around the property, people trying to enter must have a key, or access via an app like that allows you to electronically access your home, to get in. This means only residents will be able to get onto the property. When there is an open outdoor plan, anyone can wander into the building or near the parking area at their leisure. If things are gated, only residents with keys can get in, and this will make you feel safer knowing that the grounds are secure.

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