Outdoor Family Activities during COVID-19

Outdoor activities are a sure way to spend time with your family. It allows you to become closer to your kids, gives you time to catch up with your spouse, and strengthens your bond with them. But because of the recent virus outbreak, bringing your kids outside became risky. In addition, protocols mandate everyone to stay a safe distance from one another. What activities can you do as you keep a safe distance from others?

There is only one answer: exploring nature!

This article will share some outdoor ideas for your family. We will also discuss why kids and teens need to be outside once in a while.

Socially Distanced Outdoor Activities


If you have unvaccinated family members, camping can be one of the safest activities. What’s great about camping is that it allows children to stimulate their imagination, explore nature, and connect without mobile devices.

Bring a tent or two for the family to stay in, and don’t forget to bring snacks and beverages for everyone. If possible, prepare some games you can play while camping, like hide-and-seek. Camping enables the family to have fun without getting exposed to anyone infected.

Swimming at the beach

As you may know, the beach is a vast place, so it’s great for social distancing. Often, protocols require a 6-feet or 2-meter distance from others, so as long as you keep a safe distance, swimming at the beach can be safe. However, it would be wiser to go to the beach only if the whole family is vaccinated as there will be other people out there.

Yacht Ride

If you want a safer water activity option, consider a yachting adventure. Many boat companies offer all-in packages when you rent a boat. Indeed, it’s a bit costly, but it’s the price to pay to ensure your family’s safety.

Yacht rentals usually come with a personal chef, bedrooms, food and beverages, night parties, and many more! However, make sure to deal with companies that regularly perform yacht maintenance on the vessel.

Restaurant alfresco dining

Getting away from the city isn’t always possible if you’re busy with work. If you want to bring your kids outside and let them experience other”normal” things once again, you may consider alfresco dining. Choose restaurants that offer outdoor dining options. Ensure a safe distance from other tables to enjoy your meals without worrying about getting too much exposed.

Why Kids Need to Be Outside

Staying indoors all the time can take a toll on a person’s mental health. As an adult, you know exactly how draining it could be not to have a glimpse of the outside and have fun. It’s the same thing for kids and teens. Outdoor activities are vital to their growth and development. Here are the advantages of being outside:

Improved Physical Health

Children play vigorously when they are outdoors. And now that they don’t go to school every day, engaging them in activities that would require them to move becomes more pivotal. According to studies, outdoor activities significantly impact their motor development, which is vital to preventing obesity.

Engagement in Learning

Kids are naturally curious, and they learn more when their curiosity is stimulated. Being outside revitalizes their creativity and critical thinking skills, making them want to learn and explore more. In other terms, if you allow your kids to play out, their learning skills will improve, and they will be able to develop other related skills such as decision-making and communication skills.

Raising Happy Children

Research states that children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop aggression and anger. They are happier. In addition, they learn to control their impulses, which is vital to ensure that they grow with a healthy mind.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has dramatically affected children’s activities. Their regular routines have changed; as a result, many of them spend more time on online games and mobile phones. Sadly, these habits are one of the top contributors to many kids’ aggressive behavior. So make sure to limit their gadget use and bring them outside from time to time.

Boosting Mental Health

Sadly, many people had suffered mental health problems when the pandemic began. Due to the restrictions, people have developed stress and depression. However, spending time in nature is the best way to combat these negative feelings. If your symptoms get worse, talk to a mental health professional.

You don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars to bring your kids outside. Sometimes, playing with them right in your own backyard is enough to ensure that they stay healthy. If you opt to go outdoor, ensure to follow health guidelines about keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask.

You might also want to consider grabbing some Juschek rapid antigen test kits and testing you and your whole family regularly. If any of you test positive, all of you should keep away from other people for ten days at least, ideally a little longer. It’s worth being sensible for a while longer – the pandemic isn’t over just yet.

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