Making An Impact When Pitching To Investors

Most business owners will have to pitch something to investors at some point. For most, this comes at the beginning, when you’re trying to start up. You need investors to provide money to help you start your company and pay for all the essential costs. Other times, you seek investment for a new project within your business. 

Regardless, you must make an impact when pitching to investors. If you don’t, you can lose out on so many opportunities. So, here are some ideas and tips that will wow the crowd at your next pitch:

Create a high-quality presentation

All pitches should come with a presentation. This gives investors a chance to visualise what you’re saying and see key information. As much as you like talking, it’s hard for people to remember everything you say or to picture vital information and stats. Take this one step further by employing the help of a PowerPoint design company to help you create a professional presentation. Having a poorly made presentation is just as bad as not having one at all. Now, you’re armed with a visual tool that captures your audience and will impress them straight away. 

Pass handouts to investors

Alongside your presentation, you should have things to hand to all the investors. These can be print copies of the presentation or a more condensed version that summarises the key points. It’s very useful as you give investors something to look at when they go away from the pitch. They will also be impressed by the extra effort you’ve gone to provide them with handouts. In a way, it’s almost like print marketing as you’re selling your business through this handout, and it stays with them when they leave. The real world is not Dragon’s Den – investors are unlikely to make a decision during the actual presentation. They go away, think about it, then come back to you with an offer. 

Give them your business plan

Similarly, you must provide investors with a copy of your business plan. Again, this can be one of your handouts, or you can email it to them instead. Give them an option, then pick whichever one they prefer. It allows them to read through our entire business plan and understand what your aims are and how the business will work. 

Focus on how they will benefit

Finally, focus on how the investors will benefit from giving you their money. Talk about projections, emphasise the quality of your product/service/business, and provide clear data that backs all of this up. Ultimately, investors are there to, well…invest! They want to spend money on something that generates high returns. Prove to them that your business will do this, and you’ll make the biggest impact possible. 

All in all, you want to leave your investors with positive thoughts in their minds. Make your business stick around in their heads for days to come. This way, there’s an increased chance you’ll receive multiple calls from different investors all keen to fund your project. 

Isa Lillo


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