How To Turbocharge Your Business IT Systems

Computers and other IT equipment are a mainstay in all modern business office environments.

Businesses rely on those IT systems to communicate with customers and suppliers, transfer money electronically, take payments for goods and services, and handle the general day-to-day business operations efficiently.

The trouble is that some companies don’t think about maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to their IT systems or the backbone infrastructure that makes communication between firms internally and the outside world possible.

You’re probably reading this because you have concerns about your existing IT setup and want to streamline your electronic systems. With that in mind, take a look at the following tips and tricks for advice on how to turbocharge your business IT systems:

Upgrade To New Computers

Firstly, it makes sense to upgrade your computer systems to the latest models. Your desktop and laptop computers are essential pieces of technology your business needs to function, and without them, your productivity would likely grind to a halt!

Many firms make the mistake of using outdated technology for several years, but doing so makes those companies inefficient – especially when the latest versions of operating systems and essential software cannot operate on such old hardware.

Upgrade Your Network Infrastructure

You likely have several computer systems connected on a LAN (Local Area Network), and that network has Internet connectivity for communication with the outside world.

Did you know that many speed bottlenecks on networks and the Internet are a direct result of archaic or faulty network infrastructure?

For example, a superior 4Cabling cable for Ethernet networks that transfers data at gigabit speeds will cause fewer LAN and Internet data bottlenecks than older cabling.

Issue Chromebooks For Light Internet Usage

Do you have some business systems that only require an Internet connection and a web browser to work? If so, buying desktop or laptop computers can be a great expense for any business every year or two.

Instead, it makes more sense to purchase Chromebooks. They are like laptops but operate solely around the Google Chrome web browser and are based on the Chromium operating system.

Chromebooks are significantly cheaper than laptops, making them more cost-effective for businesses to buy.

Install A VoIP Telephone System

Do you operate an old-school PABX telephone system at your business? If so, now’s the time to bring your telecommunications into the 21st century with a unified VoIP (Voice over IP) system.

In a nutshell, a VoIP system is a telephony platform that operates over the Internet and can link to other communication systems you use each day, such as email, fax, and more.

Build A Remote Desktop System For Home Workers

Lastly, if you have lots of people still working at home due to COVID-19, or perhaps you’ve adopted homeworking to help safeguard each employee’s health because of COVID-19, it makes sense to introduce a remote desktop solution for them.

They can use their home computers, even if they aren’t good specifications, to connect to servers at work that provides all the processing power needed for applications.

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