How To Reduce Workplace Maintenance Costs

Workplace maintenance costs including repairs, servicing and cleaning can add up over time. Below are a few tips on how you can save money on the cost of maintaining your workplace.

Invest in equipment that won’t break

Buying cheap and flimsy equipment is something you’ll pay for in the long run. It’s better to invest in equipment that is built to last so that you’re not having to spend money on frequent repairs. For example, when setting up a coffee bar, don’t settle for cheap tables and chairs or the most affordable coffee machine you can get. Instead, be prepared to spend a little extra on sturdy furniture and a coffee machine that won’t keep breaking.

Know when to practise preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance can also save you money in the long run. This involves regularly servicing equipment to catch faults early. Finding an issue early is much better than waiting for equipment to fail. You can schedule repairs for a time that is convenient for you (which could be out of office hours) instead of having to shut down your business while waiting for repairs. 

Shop around for repairs

When looking for someone to carry out repairs, don’t just settle for the first repair company you can find. It’s much better to shop around for quotes so that you work out what is a good price. You may even be able to negotiate a price match. You can find repair services such as this commercial boiler repair by Huttie online. Visit different websites and collect different quotes by calling and filling in forms. 

Know when to do your own cleaning and repairs

Handling your own cleaning and repairs could save you money. However, you need to make sure that staff members are qualified and willing to take on such tasks. Many companies outsource cleaners in order to allow employees to get on with other duties. However, if you find that your staff are not too busy throughout the day, it may not be too much of a big ask to get them to do some cleaning. As for repairs, you’ll likely need to train up employees. Understand that there may be some tasks that can only be done by a professional.

Weigh up the cost of insurance

Certain insurance schemes may be able to cover certain maintenance costs like machinery repairs or building repairs. Weigh up the cost of these to determine if they are worthwhile. Many extended warranties on machinery are a rip-off – you will spend much more money on warranty fees in the long run than you would on repairs. Insurance schemes that cover multiple items of equipment are likely to be a better deal. Costs of insuring equipment or insuring your property will likely vary depending on the industry that you’re in – manufacturing factory equipment is likely to be much more expensive to insure than general office equipment. 

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