The Role of Multilingual Voice Assistants in the Localization of Your Global Business

Technology has played an important role in connecting businesses with their potential customers worldwide. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting global supply chains, digital advancements and software solutions, such as robot management systems, help factories utilize manufacturing data and understand real-time conditions in a given industry.

Multilingual voice assistants are a new tech innovation driving conversational customer engagement. In this article, we’ll talk about the scope and benefits of multilingual voice assistants in helping your business expand across the globe.

Great reach and accessibility

One of the most obvious benefits of multilingual voice assistants is to help foreign business owners expand their reach and accessibility across the globe. This can be done by equipping your voice assistant with automated speech recognition of various languages to help clients whose first language isn’t English access their platforms and services.

Still, it doesn’t mean the inability of customers to speak English doesn’t mean they don’t know English at all. For example, although most people can speak English at different levels, they can’t still understand specific terms in business-related transactions. In this case, a multilingual voice assistant will play an important role in bridging the communication gap across nations.

Higher customer acquisition

Not all visitors that enter your website for the first time immediately convert into successful sales. There are plenty of factors that influence the customer experience. These include your brand’s personality, design aspects of your website, quality of content, and the overall user interface. Aside from these aspects, you can also set up a multilingual voice assistant on your website to increase your chances of successful conversions.

Employing a multilingual voice AI platform can significantly enhance the entire user experience of your site. As a result, customers at various levels have a better experience at each stage of the sales funnel, which brings them one step closer to making a purchase.

Using a multilingual voice assistant, you create a well-planned sales funnel that will define the steps your business needs to take in driving potential customers to the next stage of the sales funnel. More importantly, you can join international markets easily without worrying about other sales factors.

Stronger competitive edge

The consumer market is growing at an unprecedented pace, which is why there are very rare situations in which you don’t have competitors in a given industry or field. Multilingual voice assistants provide business owners with plenty of opportunities to step ahead of the competition.

Global competitors who haven’t yet discovered the sales capabilities of multilingual voice assistants give you a better edge over them, particularly in serving customers from different cultural groups. This ability intuitively communicates to your customers that you are not a complete outsider from other local competitors.

Improve brand loyalty

According to Statista, only 25.9% of web users are native speakers of English, while the rest generally come from non-English-speaking countries that prefer to read content in their native language.

Customers often stay loyal and true to companies that recognize their immediate needs and offer a smooth user experience. Localizing content based on your customer’s preferences and language will send a message that you highly value and respect their cultural needs and languages. This will remarkably enhance brand loyalty if you want to expand your business in other countries.

Most people assume that localization is simply translating your content to another language. In website terms, localization is the process of refining website content that considers the language, standards, culture to provide the most relevant and useful experience in a specific country or region.

Higher revenue

As you attract more customers, improve brand loyalty, and expand your reach, you’ll witness significant growth in your revenue in the long run. Not only that, but multilingual voice assistants can also help you establish a more sustainable income stream that offers a lot of opportunities for sales growth.

Just like adopting any other technology, you mustn’t only consider the advantage and usability provided by voice assistants. To maximize their benefits, an ideal voice assistant should be easy to deploy and won’t hurt the financial status of your business. Although the initial investment may be a bit pricey, it will certainly provide great returns inthe long run.

Business owners who want to explore their market reach and discover emerging opportunities should consider deploying a multilingual voice assistant into their daily operations. When implemented effectively, businesses can combine the power of voice assistance and localization in serving their customers better, regardless of geographical distances.

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