Finding Comfort When You Work From Home

There are more people than ever working from home, and it’s a trend that’s only expected to grow in the coming years. You can see why it’s becoming popular: productivity increases, there’s no annoying commute, and companies get to save on the energy costs of running an office. However, there are some downsides, the main one being that the home wasn’t designed for professional work. As such, it’s recommended that you find ways to make your property a more comfortable place to work. We take a look at some effective tips for doing just this below.

A Set Office

You might think that you’ll find it easy to work from anywhere, but after a few hours, you’ll begin to see the limitations in just working at the kitchen table or wherever. Instead, it’s much better to have an established office in your home, if possible. All you need to do is add a desk, chair, computer equipment, and some office supplies and decorations, and you’ll be good to go. This helps because it puts a clear divide between your professional and domestic lives, and can also cut out interruptions from your family.

The Right Temperature

We tend to take a lot for granted when we’re working in a traditional office. We don’t notice how the place has been put together so that we feel comfortable and ready to sink into a few hours of work. In your home, this won’t just happen: you’ll need to make it happen. One thing that’ll distract you from work is if your home is too hot or too cold (though, let’s be honest, in the UK you’re unlikely to have the “too hot” problem). As such, one of the best ways to make working from home more comfortable is to improve the temperature. If things are always a little too cold, have your boiler serviced, and also have spray foam insulation installed — it’ll help to keep the heat inside your home. You’ll find it much easier to focus if you’re battling with the temperature.

Relaxing Spaces

Employers around the world are beginning to understand that it’s just not possible for staff to work eight hours straight. If they’re going to be as productive as they can be, then they need to unwind a little, so many are adding a relaxation zone to their worksite. And you can — and should — do the same at your property. Look at setting up a relaxing, tech-free zone somewhere in your home, and also get your garden into shape so you can spend some time in the outdoors (always a battle for work from home employees) throughout the day.

Watch the Clock 

Finally, be sure to watch the clock, and have a cut off time. You’ll find it much easier to work from home if it doesn’t take over your entire life. Your property should, first and foremost, be a place of comfort and relaxation, with your work responsibilities just on the side. When the clock hits 5:30, check out! 

Isa Lillo


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