Easing Worker Fears After Returning To The Workplace

Following a year-and-a-bit of lockdowns and restrictions, the return to work can be very daunting. As an employer, ensuring a smoother transition should be at the top of your agenda. The first step to success is to show a level of understanding and accept that some changes will be required.

Here are five of the updates and upgrades that will put your company in a far stronger position through this testing time.

1| Maintain Reduced Numbers

While workplaces are back to standard opening hours, you might not be able to return to the pre-pandemic setup. Even with the vaccinations, people will be a little wary about being surrounded by too many people in closed spaces. Remote working models have shown their worth in recent times and now is the perfect moment to think about outsourcing. Aside from getting professional results without much input from your end, it means that fewer people will be on site. 

This can ease any tension caused by large numbers at this time while also allowing you to dedicate more time to the on-site workers.

2| Revamp Layouts

Reducing the capacity is a great starting point. However, you also need to think about the layout of the workspaces too. If you have an open plan office with multi-person workstations, you may want to switch to pods. Or install perspective guards between tables. Meanwhile, one-way systems can be useful for shop floors and a host of other workspaces. Adding tools like mobile POS terminals can support sales staff by avoiding crowded payment areas too.

It makes a clear display of your commitment to employees and clients alike. Perfect.

3| Focus On Hygiene

Hygiene is the new priority, even for those who have been vaccinated. The pandemic has highlighted how poor standards were in the past. Having hand sanitisation units at entranceways and other key areas will certainly help. Commercial air purifiers are another fantastic addition. As well as putting employees in a more comfortable mental state, it can reduce the risks of staff absences. After all, Covid isn’t the only virus that can spread and leave workers sick and unable to attend work.

Besides, a cleaner workspace is a happier and more productive workspace.

4| Lose Unnecessary Meetings

Even with teams now working together under the same roof, you should want to reduce group sessions. Team meetings are perhaps the first activity for the chopping block. In truth, big companies have been trimming down their meetings and using modern tech for several years. In today’s climate, it can be a safer solution while also easing employee fears. Project management tools and team messaging facilities allow for great collaborations anyway. 

The workplace is evolving. This transition for the post-pandemic era will set you up for years.

5| Invite Discussions

Finally, if you want employees to feel safe and comfortable, you must be prepared to listen. Open up dialogue streams with them so that they can express any issues they are feeling. This will give you the best shot at finding suitable solutions. Anxiety and related issues are at an all-time high. By working with your team, squashing those problems will become easy. Whether that means making extra changes or seeking outside support for your team, it will be worthwhile.

Creating a strong employer-employee bond is truly one of the greatest things you’ll ever do.

Isa Lillo


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