What Makes A Website Pop?

Creating something stunning online is a challenge which a lot of people struggle to overcome. With the amount of websites available on the web, it’s incredibly difficult to build something which ends up looking unique. If you want to catch your client’s eye, though, you will need to work hard to make your website pop, … Continue Reading

4 Things You Must Remember As A Small Business Owner

You have taken that first step and are now running your own business. These are exciting and challenging times and you will find that you have no time to stand back and reflect. Which is why today we are sharing with you 4 things that you must remember as a small business owner, your own … Continue Reading

Tips For Investing In Commercial Property

Investing in property is one of the best ways to invest your money, but with any investment, it’s certainly worth doing your research in detail before you part ways with your money. Here are some tips for investing in commercial property. Know Your Budget And Predicted Return Before you even start looking, a well-detailed budget … Continue Reading

Four Tips to Help You Hire Your First Employee

When you first get your business off the ground, you’re wearing a lot of hats: from marketing to coffee making, every little task falls to you. Once work starts to pick up, things get more official. You get a business phone line. Your website is up and running. Then one day, you reach the point … Continue Reading

Fun Ways To Build Your Brand

What’s your brand? As a savvy entrepreneur you know what a brand is, but what’s your brand? Right now you’re probably picturing your logo or the colour scheme on your website. Yet, while these are all certainlyaspects of branding, they do not a brand make. Your brand is your identity as your customers, employees and … Continue Reading

The Significance Of Offline Marketing In This Digital Era

We’re living in a digital age and it can be easy for us to be overly consumed with different types of online marketing. But, did you know that the key to having a successful advertising campaign is combining online and offline marketing efforts? Even with the existence of effective online marketing strategies, you simply just … Continue Reading

Services That Are Perceived As A Waste Of Money, But Aren’t

In business, there are certain services that have a bad reputation as a waste of money, even though this is not the case. Some of them are actually vital to the smooth running of a business, or at the very least, are a very big help. If you don’t know what these services are, then … Continue Reading

Major Ways Your Business Is Wasting Money

Good money management helps you to keep your business going, but it’s so easy to waste money. There are many ways you can spend your money on the wrong thing or lose money that you could be spending better elsewhere. If you want your business to not just survive but grow too, you need to … Continue Reading

Business: Venture Into New Territory

When a business ventures into new territory, it becomes a risky time. It’s often why you’ll find that businesses don’t venture into a new territory, instead they carry on in the calm waters that they know. But without venturing out, you won’t truly realise all of the great opportunities that there are out there. From … Continue Reading

Why Your Business Needs a Phone Line

Most business today is done online. Even the smallest of businesses have websites, e-commerce stores, and social media profiles, and global brands utilize the internet to maximize their reach, have international success, and manage their enterprises. But, that doesn’t mean that there is no longer a need for a business phone line.  Most of us … Continue Reading