A Professional Review Business Needs These Things

Wouldn’t you like to become a force of nature in an industry you love? Maybe it’s fashion or beauty, perhaps it’s household items or it could be children’s industry. Whatever you love doing, a review blog is one of the most common and rewarding types in the world. If you like to share your opinions with others that have a similar passion but would like to make it worth your while, here’s how you can set up a professional review blog.

Starting off the right way

If you’re going to do it right, you have to start off correctly. You need your own personal space, where you can not only review items but also keep them in storage. Think about a cheap, affordable and temporary space, such as a site office building. This building is delivered straight to your door, or rather a piece of land that you have the room for it. In this medium-sized office building, you can place many employees, with enough room for each of their desks. There’s enough room for about 15-20 employees but you may only need half of that space. The rest of it can be dedicated to storing products sponsors and brands give you or that you have bought yourself. This space is very flexible and is purely a place for work, with nothing too pricey that can be stolen or damaged.

Website or blog?

Should you set up a hosted blog or a dedicated website? It all depends on what kind of budget you have and the kind of blog style you would like. If you want something a little more informal, then take the cheaper option of a hosted blog. Hosting a website on Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress are your best options. They have templates and customized icons which you can utilize to create your own blog. However, a dedicated website whereby you own the domain is a better option if you would like to open a professional website. Think along the lines of Cosmopolitan, Vogue or GQ. It’s always possible to make the shift once you become more successful. You may not have the funds to pay for your own website domain and hire a crack team of website designers to build it to your unique specifications.

Me, myself and I

Before you begin to hire other bloggers, you should begin to write excellent reviews by yourself. The employees you hire must know that you’re able to write brilliant pieces that go into a lot of details about the products you’re reviewing. Marketing and exposure can only be successful if you have high-quality content. So for the first few months, you need to be hard at work, ordering items to your office space and doing review after review. It will be a full-time job but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be making enough to hire writers part-time. 

These are just the very early steps to setting up a review business. You must have your own personal professional space, away from the home so you can be cocooned from the household. 

Isa Lillo


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