7 Tips For Improving Product And Online Order Packaging

A good product is only going to get you so far. You then need to make sure that you market it correctly, and an essential element of this is the packaging. The packaging you choose for your product is not only designed to keep your item safe and secure, but it is imperative in terms of branding and catching people’s eyes. With that being said, read on to discover some of the different ways that you can achieve better packaging design at your business.

Showcase your products

Giving people a sneak peek of your product is a good way to create a more compelling urge to buy. You will have seen this with a lot of sweets and other food items. While the vast majority of the packaging is opaque, you will have a little section that is clear so that people can see what the sweets look like inside.

Use bold colours

Bold colours, if they fit in with your brand, can be incredibly effective. The reason why is quite simple: they catch people’s attention. If you are in a store and you are looking at different products, your eyes are likely to see the packaging that is bright and bold first.

Tell your story

Giving your brand a narrative is another effective technique used to improve packaging. Illustrations can travel from the front to the back of the packaging to generate an interesting eye trajectory.

Be sustainable

More and more businesses are recognising the importance of improving the eco-friendliness of their operations. Not only is this critical for the environment, but it is something that customers are increasingly concerned with. Therefore, by opting for sustainable packaging, you can give your business an edge.

Consider your customer

You may think that this sounds like an obvious point, but you would be surprised by how many businesses do not consider their customer when it comes to the packaging of their products or their marketing efforts as a whole for that matter. Considering your customer means doing in-depth research and fully understanding their shopping process, as well as any pain points they experience. You will then be able to design packaging that fully appeals to them and address any of the other issues that they experience with other products and packaging.

Think about longevity

It can be very tempting to follow the latest trends. However, if you do this, you run the risk of being viewed as outdated in a few months’ time. Instead, you need to think about longevity and go for packaging that is not going to go out of style. Sleek and stylish should always be the aim. You also need to consider longevity in terms of quality, from the double sided butyl tape you use for online orders to the strength of the package itself. 

Don’t put everything on the front

Another way to boost your packaging is to keep things a bit mysterious. If you do not put everything about your product on the front of the packaging, it creates intrigue because the shopper is going to wonder what is inside. This will encourage them to pick up your product and investigate further.

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