5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling Fast

Home selling, in a perfect world, would be a predictable and linear process. You place your residential property on the market, schedule a bunch of in-person and virtual showings and get the best possible offer from homebuyers. Home selling doesn’t always work like this, and plenty of sellers are puzzled on why their property isn’t attracting buyers.

If you’re selling your house and no one’s biting, take the time to pinpoint the reasons behind this problem. Sometimes, a couple of adjustments can make all the difference between a residential property not selling and a done deal.

Here are a few likely reasons your house isn’t selling as quickly as you’d like:

You’re Overconfident

A lot of home sellers feel this way, especially in a seller’s market. They assume that buyers will snap up their residential property for a premium price, no matter its condition. This way of thinking, however, isn’t something you should adopt as a seller.

If you’re trying to sell your house, don’t get lazy learning home selling 101. Position your home to sell well. You could, for instance, stage your home to attract more buyers. You could also use technology to your advantage by downloading and using trusted property selling apps. This isn’t the time to sit back and relax.

You Price Your Home Too High

Slapping an expensive price tag on your residential property is a common mistake. Homeowners don’t take steps to determine the fair market value of their house. As a result, many home buyers steer clear of too expensive homes and sellers aren’t getting inquiries from buyers.

How will you know that you’ve priced your house too high? If you came up with the price by yourself, get in touch with a real estate agent for advice and assistance. A skilled agent will inform you right away if your selling price is too high or unrealistic.

Another way is to take note of the feedback you’re obtaining from people from showings and open houses. What are people saying about your house? Pay attention to price and cost.

Also, make sure that you check out local listings. If you price your residential property higher than comparable homes in the area, your problem is probably price.

The obvious fix for this problem is to drop the price. When you’re doing this, don’t reduce the price by a thousand dollars every week. Perform a significant price slash to get the job done.

Your Advertising Photos are Less Than Stellar

A majority of property buyers begin their search on the web and come up with a decision based on a quick scan of your listing photos. If your listing only has a couple of photos, or if the images look subpar, many buyers will ignore them and move on to the next residential property for sale.

If you don’t have an eye for photography, get your house staged and photographed by professionals. This isn’t an unnecessary expense. Eye-catching photos can generate more online views and help you sell listings faster.

Your House Smells Terrible

The home may be visually pleasing, but is the smell OK? You can’t sell your house if it has an odor that turns most people off.

If you’re immune to the smell of your house, get an honest opinion of your friend. You want people checking out your home to enjoy smelling a refreshing scent.

If your house does smell bad, don’t fret. The remedy can be as simple as throwing out the trash. You could also bake cookies or light up a scented candle to improve the smell inside your home. If the problem persists, you may want to hire a professional. Sometimes, the problem is due to mildew or mold buildup, which requires immediate removal.

Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Care 

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with your residential property at all. The home is well-maintained and staged properly. The price is fine. Your online listing looks fantastic.

If this is the case, your agent could be the one turning people off. Some agents have zero social skills, have little to no personality, lack the experience to sell homes or just don’t care.

If you have an agent who isn’t doing their job, fire them as soon as possible. Then, look for a real estate professional that you would invite to a dinner party. Your goal should be to work with an agent who’s knowledgeable, pleasurable interesting and charismatic. This person should be your ticket to selling your residential property faster.

If your house isn’t selling, figure out and fix the problem as soon as you can. Your home will sell with the right adjustments to price, condition, staging and listing.

Isa Lillo


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