4 Surprising Security Breaches In Your Business

It should be clear to any business owner just how important it is to keep one eye on security at all times. If the security is not being managed properly, it very much means that things might go wrong in your business, and you might end up losing out considerably in a financial sense. Or you might even put your customers in danger. All in all, you need to keep on top of it, and that means having a good sense of the kinds of security breaches that can occur. Here are four of the most surprising ones that you will need to know about.

Your Own Staff

Sometimes, the people you have hired are the main source of worry when it comes to your security in your business. If you want to keep your security strong, you will need to make sure you hire people you trust. But even then, you never really know what people are going to do, and it’s vital that you are going to train them so that they are not as likely to cause any problems. By doing that, you will have many fewer security breaches on the whole, and the business will benefit.

The Supply Chain

It’s important that you think about not just what goes on in your own business, but across the supply chain that you are part of too. You can’t have as much control over the supply chain as you might like, of course, but you should still try to be aware of it so that you can stop doing business with any parts of it that might cause a problem. Supply chain security problems are one of the great unspoken issues in business worldwide, and it’s worth learning more about how this can negatively affect the security of your own business.

Mobile Devices

When you allow your staff to use mobile devices in the office, that can appear to help with productivity in a number of ways. However, you should also be aware that staff having their own mobile devices attached to the network in-house can mean that your network is being opened to all kinds of risks. You should therefore take great care here, and you might even want to think about vetting devices if possible – or giving out company phones to be used instead, to help avoid any potential security issues that might otherwise arise.


Of course, from time to time auditors might come to your place of business to check that everything is above board on a number of fronts. But you should always make sure that you are checking that individual for their ID and proof of where they are from. If you don’t, you are simply letting strangers into your premises to wander around taking notes, and that is clearly a huge potential security breach. Always take great care in who enters your building, and be extra vigilant when you are refused on your request to see some identification. A real auditor will be happy to identify themselves.

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