Your Clients Are Paranoid About Security, You Should Be Too

The latest research suggests that there will be a major hack on a business roughly every 20 seconds this year. While that research doesn’t claim that all these hacks are going to be successful, the threat is there to contend with. So, how should you deal with this issue? Well, you need to think about how to make your business more secure to give your clients the peace of mind that they deserve. Here are some of the steps that you should take.

Get On The Cloud

Experts agree that the cloud provides a higher level of security compared to various other options such as storing data on a hard drive. However, you do need to make sure that you are utilizing solutions such as FileMaker Hosting. Options like this use encrypted software. This provides an extra level of security for your business data and ensures that your company is far less accessible to people that should be deemed a threat. 

Hire Cyber Security Experts

If you have no experience in cyber security, you are not going to be fully equipped to keep your business safe. You don’t know what software you should be using, you likely don’t have any experience with firewalls or surveillance to see if anything is wrong with your network, which means that you are not as safe as you could be. Instead of allowing this to be the case, hiring cyber security experts is the best thing that you can do. Let the professionals take over, protecting your business in the best way possible.

It’s true that this is going to be a small extra cost to you, but it is going to be worth it. Cyber crime is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, which means that you have got to be as secure as possible at all times. Make sure you’ve got the best security systems in place and consider using a VPN, check out this best vpn canada list, to make sure your interest browsing information is protected.  The last thing that you need is to be on the receiving end of a data breach lawsuit.

Put A Disaster Recovery Plan In Place

Next, you should make sure that you do have a disaster recovery plan in place for your business. This will provide you with what is essentially an instruction manual that you can follow if things do go wrong in your company. It will tell you and your team exactly what you need to do in the event of a hack. It’s important to ensure that you take action immediately. This can also save you from the dreaded issue of downtime which will cost your company thousands, even in the short term. 

When you are following your disaster recovery plan, you also need to maintain a high level of transparency with customers. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the important things that you should be doing to keep your business secure. Your clients are worried about their data security, and they are right to be. You need to be putting the right precautions in place to ensure that this is not something they need to worry about with your business.

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