Why It’s So Hard For Organisations To Move Premises (And How To Fix It)

Moving home can be a challenging experience for the most organized among us. But for businesses, the difficulty is even higher. It’s hard to transfer items from one location to another, not to mention all the behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done to relocate everyone. 

The trick here is to implement various strategies to make the process more straightforward. Instead of just going in guns blazing, it’s better to take a strategic approach and view it as any other business operation

So why is it hard and how can you fix it?

Challenging Local Compliance

One issue is simply local and regulatory compliance. It’s tough for companies to move because of zoning and other rule-based problems. Companies often find themselves walking into unexpected legal minefields, battling with local officials and planners over things that should be easy. 

The solution, of course, is to get the heads-up from legal professionals who understand the nature of moving to the new areas. Gathering knowledge about local regulations before moving everyone and understanding the permit process is essential. 

It’s a good idea to get things going several months before moving. Ensure there’s some time left on the existing lease before committing your company or making any final decisions. 

Employee Morale And Satisfaction

Another reason it’s hard for organizations to move is problems with employees. It can be difficult to convince some individuals that they are better off at another location. 

This problem can be more challenging to address, but there are ways to make it work. For example, you can begin communications several years out about why you need a change of address. You may need to set up new infrastructure and offer support, such as transport. Many firms now provide their workers with shuttle services from residential to commercial areas, avoiding the need to rely on conventional public transport. 

Equipment Transfer

It can also be hard to move premises because of equipment transfer-related issues. Firms can struggle to find removalists who will agree to take on the risk of moving valuable items because of the higher insurance premiums they face. Companies often wind up in situations where a mover can take 90% of their items but they need to remove the remaining 10% themselves, which isn’t ideal. 

The solution is to find piano removalists and other specialist providers willing to transport the most valuable and delicate items. These services exist in all metro areas. 

Logistical Coordination

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Another problem is the logistical challenges of packing, transporting, and moving everything. Business leaders regularly get a shock when they discover how substantial their firm’s material footprint is.

Again, professional movers can take care of this problem. Firms that specialize in assisting commercial clients use various tactics to ensure everything transfers over properly. This can include everything from labelling boxes to ensuring proper system and panel wiring is in place at the new location. 

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