Why Events Should Be Your Priority in 2020

When it comes to marketing for your business, there are loads of different ways to do this, and a variety of different tools you can use too, from advertising on Facebook to sending flyers out in the post. However, one thing that you should definitely make the most of and make an effort to go to is events. In fact, events should be your biggest priority when it comes to developing an effective marketing strategy in 2020 above digital advertising and email marketing and here’s why…

People Want Real Life Experiences

Event marketing means doing things like attending exhibits, putting on displays, presentations or organizing gatherings to showcase your company’s products and services and thanks to technology and live-streaming, events can now be hosted online as well as the more traditional way, in-person. However, real-life experiences are far more engaging and can have a longer-lasting effect on potential customers than anything else. So, get yourself sorted with an exhibition stand design and get registered for all the relevant industry events in 2020. Get out there and meet your current customers and make some new ones too.

The Personal Touch

At an event, you can have a face-to-face discussion with your consumers, helping them to establish a much more personal and intimate relationship with your company than what is possible in the digital space.

New Products

Events are a great way to roll out new products or services and a cost-effective way to show new products. You can also get buy-in on a new product much quicker when you have a live, captive audience to showcase it to.

Collecting Feedback

You can generate feedback pretty much immediately at an event which means that you can get valuable information much faster. You are also able to address any questions or issues with your product or service and will make your business a more flexible and adaptable one, as well as improving your customer satisfaction.

Lead Generation

Events often generate a high volume of both marketing and sales-ready leads, and the return on investment is simpler to calculate than some digital marketing initiatives. If you’re organizing an event yourself then, you can promote it to your existing customers as well as potential ones. If you are exhibiting at an event, then you can use promotions, contests, and promotional products to generate traffic to your table or your booth and attract new leads. You can engage with potential customers, create buzz around any recent news and discuss the value of your offering.


Most events include networking breaks, meals, drinks or more substantial activities such as golf tournaments, award banquets, and cocktail receptions. These activities can provide a bit of a reprieve from content-heavy sessions but also provide an opportunity to make connections and build partnerships with other businesses in the industry. In increasingly competitive markets, it can be valuable to have mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations in your field. You can learn from each other and other people’s experiences and knowledge to build better solutions and, ultimately, provide your customers with more value. 

Isa Lillo


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